10 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

10 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

It’s been an extra-long winter and if you’re ready for spring, we’ve got your fashion forecast. We’ve reviewed the multitude of fashion-forward trends for spring and summer 2021 and chose 10 to showcase. 

When bringing them together, it occurred to us that they collectively represent freedom. This makes sense as we slowly emerge from a time of daily restrictions. Creative expression is an outlet, and these fashion trends allow each of us to take them on in our own unique ways.

Before you dash out the door or fire up the net to make some purchases, be sure to check your closet. Chances are, before the pandemic hit you had some great pieces lined up to wear, and some of those may be part of spring’s best look

  • Cut-outs

Cut-outs are huge this spring. Until it warms up, look for sweaters with shoulder cut-outs. Once the heat hits, explore the wide variety of skin-baring options from backless dresses to form-fitting shirts. 

  • Wide leg pants

If you’ve been living in your sweatpants and leggings, you might be pleased at this alternative. Spring brings us loose fitting, roomy trousers that are beautifully balanced with a crop or slim-fitted top. You’ll find this trend in everything from wide-leg jeans to yoga pants.

  • Puffed shoulders

The sleeves continue to bring the style with this recent iteration of stand-up fashion. Jackets, blouses, dresses and even t-shirts are reaching peak status with variations of this trend. 

  • Bra tops

Bralettes are moving from under to outerwear in all their pretty stylings. Knit bralettes are featured with matching cardigans if you're feeling coordinated. A satin ruffled bralette looks fantastic under a blazer if you’re dressing up.

  • Elevated loungewear

Matching sweatsuits, bike shorts, and hoodies have their look upscaled as we continue to live a home-focused lifestyle. Looks like these staples in comfort will have their day for a little longer. 

  • Florals

Florals in the brightest and boldest of colours and patterns are the way forward for spring. This pretty trend is for those who don’t shy from being seen. 

  • Strappy shoes

Wrap it up, the strappier, the better! Straps that wind around ankles or have toe loops signal spring in shoe fashion. Just like we saw bare skin in the cut-outs trend, so do we find it on our feet. So, prep those little piggies, they’re about to go to town!

  • Long draped jewelry

There are plenty of takes on this trend but all of them lead back to length. With pendants or without, layered or single chains, you’re on the right track with the draped jewelry look.

  • Paper thin handbags

If you’re used to carrying everything but the kitchen sink with you in your handbag, this trend may take some adapting to. Similar to a paper file folder in design, one needs to pick and choose only the most vital items to fit the fashion. 

  • Belted middles

Find your middle ground with this trend. All about creating shape on the body this time around, these belts sit at the waist. Not shy, many feature big buckles or standout centerpieces.