A Jarring Experience

A Jarring Experience

Make over Mason Jars 

Looking for a way to have fun and whip up some new decorative pieces for your home? How about the popular mason jar redux? Everyone seems to have them laying around and if not, they are an inexpensive purchase at a local home or craft store. It doesn’t take much to turn these clear canvases into something unique to you! Gather a few of your favourite crafting essentials like Washi tape, glue, glitter, chalkboard spray paint and chalk markers and you’ll be on our way.

Here are some easy ideas of how to make over your favourite versatile vessels: 

Shine bright like a diamond. For a simple but stunning arrangement, paint a grouping of mason jars with bold geometric gold stripes or other colourful designs to hold flowers, leaves and pinecones.

Bring the outside in. Kids will love to help create a terrarium in a big mason jar with soil, rocks, and plants. Use the real thing or you can create a faux arrangement with craft moss, succulents, or plants. Add a woodland creature or two for a touch of whimsy. 

Give a Gift. Boo! With Easter coming, turn your mason jars into spring baskets by painting them green, gluing on beads and glitter for eggs, and fill them with sweet treats for loved ones. 

Light up the night. Fill jars with battery-powered mini-lights and punch a hole in the tops to place a knotted string. Use a stronger rope to connect them and you’re ready for nights by the fireplace with good friends, food and fun.

Center yourself. For a clean but elegant centerpiece, take three mason jars and paint with black chalk paint. Wrap the lip of the jar with white lace ribbon and the body of the jar with a wide burlap strip. Decorate the strip with white letters or stenciled objects. Fill with dried or fresh flowers. Makes a great spring table centerpiece! 

Game day ware storage. Get the gang involved and get creative. Paint your mason jars with acrylic paint to mimic a football field complete with football, uniforms and even a playbook. Use chalk markers to finish them up once dried and don’t skimp on the embellishments which could hang around the jars. Fill with straws and plastic dinnerware. Game on!