Since 2007, Renewed Kitchens & Countertops has been transforming the city’s kitchens, saving homeowners time and money while creating gorgeous spaces you’ll want to spend time in. Instead of gutting a kitchen and starting from scratch, Renewed Kitchens uses the existing cabinetry to remake the look and feel. “We recreate your space without the commitment of a complete renovation,” says owner Dwayne Hipkiss. “It can be as simple as removing the existing doors and drawer fronts and replacing them. Then, we reskin the cabinetry and add new countertops and you’re at home in a brand-new kitchen.” It truly is a no hassle renovation, and it can happen in in just three to five days while saving you up to 40 per cent compared to a new kitchen.

However, what if you need to resize or rework the space? That is no problem at all. The Renewed Kitchens team can add new cabinets to match and make spaces for new appliances. “Fridges are getting bigger these days and we can easily adjust cabinet bottoms to make space,” says Hipkiss. “We can also add on, too.

For example, we can build a china cabinet to match.” As for styles, Renewed Kitchens has over 40 colours to choose from that transform the look and functionality of a kitchen while providing modern features such as soft close hinges and European-style hidden hinges. Plus, the company now offers a new line of exclusive Smart Matte technology colours.

“Smart Matte is the next generation of cabinetry where fashion, functionality and technology come together to make our lives easier,” says Hipkiss. “The seamless construction and a super soft touch matte finish that give a comfortable and contemporary look with builtin tech features.” Smart Mattes are both antifingerprint and repairable to micro scratches and scuffs. Plus, they are easy to clean with just soap and water—perfect for busy homes with kids and pets.

Best of all, you can trust the experts at Renewed Kitchens. Our team of professional carpenters and cabinetmakers have more than 90 years of combined experience. “We are the only local company that specializes exclusively in the restyling and refacing process,” says Hipkiss. “Instead of trying to do many things, we do one thing really well.”

The Renewed Kitchens team will work with you to understand your style, needs and budget. Their experience and knowledge will help you make the best choices for your space, and ensure you’re getting the best value for your dollar. Finally, the company does just one project at a time, making sure you get their full attention. To learn more, visit renewedkitchens.com or call 306.584.3340 to book your free consultation and estimate.