A Solid Foundation

A Solid Foundation


Keeping your home’s foundation solid can be a struggle in and around Regina. Cracks, unevenness and moisture are problems property owners face frequently. RSR Construction and Foundation Repair can help you deal with every foundation issue headed your way. Locally owned and operated, RSR Construction specializes in underpinning/house leveling, foundation repair and waterproofing for homes and businesses. “We’re here to assist you when your foundation needs help,” says owner Terry Paun.

There are signs to watch for in your basement that can indicate issues may be present, says Terry.

Look for things like:

• Unevenness or heaving with your basement floor

• Cracks on the inside or outside of your basement walls, especially in the corners,

• A white powdery-looking substance on concrete walls or masonry,

• Stains on wood, windowsills or items that are on the floor or against the walls in the basement,

• The drywall feels soft or damp,

• There is a musty odour lingering, and/or

• There is mildew on carpets, or your tile floor is lifting.

If you have any of these issues, it’s time to call a professional like RSR Construction. First, they will come out to have a look at your foundation to assess what is happening. Then, they will decide whether an engineer is needed to evaluate your property further and make recommendations on what repairs are needed. Once that is complete and approved by the city’s engineering department, the RSR Construction team will do what needs to be done to assure your home or business’s foundation is stable, dry and safe. “The lead time for our work is anywhere from two days to three weeks, depending on what we’re dealing with,” says Terry. “And, we can address many issues year-round.”

The company is also leading the way with their computerized underpinning lift system. They’re the only company in southern Saskatchewan with this innovative technology to ensure your foundation gets the lift it needs. “Plus, we use high quality hardware in our underpinning process,” says Terry. “It matters what your house is sitting on.” Don’t let your foundation issues get away from you. The RSR Construction team can help. It starts with a phone call and ends with a foundation you can trust; one that is solid, moisture-free and safe.

RSR Construction offers free estimates in and around Regina, a 15-year warranty, and a staff that are bonded and safety-certified. Book your consultation today at 306.520.7280 and learn more at rsrconstruction.net.