A Warm Hug for Your Home

A Warm Hug for Your Home

Keep the Heat in and Winter out with Saskatchewan Professional Foam

As the summer ends and we turn our attention to fall and then the inevitable winter, making sure our homes are ready for the cold is important. Staying warm and cozy is possible with good insulation to protect you from the elements. Quality insulation where your home needs it will make your space more comfortable for years to come.

Locally owned and operated, Saskatchewan Professional Foam is a father and son company proud to serve Regina and area. While they are a new spray foam insulation company in the province, owners Derrick and Taylor Labossiere bring many years of insulation experience to the table.

“We’re both very experienced spray Foam insulators,” says Derrick. “I have over 15 years’ experience working with some of the top competitors in Regina and my son Taylor has worked with me for over nine years.”

The company offers a complete line of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) that provides superior thermal energy efficiency as well as advanced air and sound control. The SPF insulation completely covers gaps and voids, works in hard-to-insulate areas and exceeds the performance of traditional fibreglass insulation.

Saskatchewan Professional Foam installs spray foam insulation in both new and existing homes. “We have a thorough knowledge of residential construction and will make sure to choose the best type of installation for you and your family,” says Taylor.

Applying spray polyurethane foam (SPF) properly requires both specialized skills and equipment. This is where Saskatchewan Professional Foam shines, as both Derrick and Taylor are skilled, certified insulation installers that pay high attention to detail. “Access to our own top-of-the-line spray foam truck ensures consistent quality in each of our projects we undertake. In most circumstances we can knock out a spray foam insulation install in just one to three days,” says Derrick.

Spray foam is also environmentally friendly and fills all cracks and holes completely. It creates an airtight seal and barrier from the elements year-round, handling our extreme cold and heat with ease. In addition to providing excellent insulation, at two inches thick, spray foam insulation is a vapour barrier and can keep water and moisture completely out of your home which helps stop ice damming from occurring.

Do you find your house frequently feels overly chilly, or are you always playing with the thermostat to be able to get a more comfortable temperature?

If you replied yes to this question your house might be badly or poorly insulated. Appropriate insulation is the secret to making your home as energy efficient as possible and it:

• Stops air and moisture infiltration
• Saves on energy costs
• Adds strength to the building structure
• It is permanent and will not sag
• Keeps dust and pollen out
• Eliminates ice damming
• Improves air quality

Learn more about what Derrick, Taylor and Saskatchewan Professional Foam can do for your home at saskprofoam.com. Call 306.949.0466 or 306.535.9888 for a consultation and estimate today.

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