Approachable. Reliable. Efficient.

Approachable. Reliable. Efficient.

A.R.E. Law Makes it Easy to Get Your Legal Life in Order

In 2005, Ruth Pradzynski decided it was time to practice law in a better way. She knew that legal clients were often frustrated by billable hours charged by lawyers; how it felt like they were being nickeled and dimed. Ruth decided that she would take her law practice in a new direction, by providing a quote for the legal work clients needed. “Instead of tracking every minute of time, I decided to use my experience in how much time legal work takes typically, and provide a quote upfront,” says Ruth. The idea worked, and today A.R.E. Law provides instant quotes online for many services, including real estate and wills.

Buying and Selling

A major part of the A.R.E Law practice is real estate, and Ruth and her team are there to help guide you through what will likely be the largest purchase of your life. “We have streamlined the real estate process to make it as easy as possible,” says Ruth. “Our 29-item checklist walks us through every step.” Plus, the A.R.E Law instant quote includes costs that buyers and sellers may not have considered. “Many people think the only money needed for a real estate purchase is the down payment. In fact, you should have another one to two percent of the purchase price to cover closing costs,” she says. Ruth’s real estate legal quote is careful to include costs for land titles, and other closing costs.

Wills and Estates

Beyond a home purchase, the other common legal service people require is preparing a will and handling an estate. A.R.E. Law is there to help with everything from a simple will preparation to assisting with an estate. “Everyone needs a will, regardless of our resistance to thinking about it,” says Ruth. “We can assist with preparation, and we’re not afraid to have frank discussions about what you need to think about.” She says that when making a will, clients should ensure that whoever they select as an executor is responsible, reliable and trustworthy. You also need to be clear about your wishes for your estate for everyone’s benefit. “Wills and estates can cause hard feelings in the family when they are not well-planned and communicated,” says Ruth.

They Can Help

Whatever your legal life needs, A.R.E Law provides the approachable, reliable and efficient advice you need. Learn more at or call 306.352.1522 for a free consultation and quote.

A.R.E Law can assist with your legal needs including:

• Residential, Business and Agricultural Real Estate

• Corporate Law – Incorporation, Reorganizations, Sales, Purchases, Agreements, Annual Maintenance and Record Keeping.

• Wills and Estates – Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate Administration including obtaining letters probate, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives.

• Family Law – Custody, Spousal Support, Guardianship, Separation Agreements, Divorce

• Civil Litigation – Debt Collections, Court Actions, Small Claims

• Criminal Law – Impaired Driving, Property Crime, Theft, Fraud and more.

• Immigration Law – Sponsorship, Visas, Appeals, Refugee Claims

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