Celebs have Estheticians too

Celebs have Estheticians too

Every other day it seems like another celebrity or influencer has either “created” a new skincare line or signed a lucrative contract with a beauty company. For the next few months it seems like people everywhere are talking about this newest, latest and greatest product and hype ingredients. I feel like we all know what’s next. People try the entire line and use it just like our fave celebutante do and then, sadly, can't figure out why our skin doesn’t look like theirs. 

Most celebrities have estheticians and dermatologists that help them care for their skin, creating customized treatment for their star-quality skin. 

Just like I can’t put on J. Lo’s epic green dress and look just like her, celebrity skincare routines are more often than not what they appear to be, nor are they necessarily what is best for our pretty skin. 

Upon digging in a little deeper into the hype you’ll realize your local esthetician has been using HY-A-LU-RO-NIC acid in your skincare treatments and products for decades. This was not new or a seldom-used ingredient. It was simply presented in a clever way, on primetime T.V. with a stunning actress sharing her secret with the world. 

So, what’s a person to do? The answer is that it’s even easier than perusing Google for hours or walking a wear pattern in the flooring of a chain beauty store. Book an appointment for a consultation or a skincare treatment with your local esthetician. They are all trained extensively in skincare and want the very best for you and your skin. A long term relationship with your “esthie” is like the one you develop with your hairstylist. They learn about the intricacies of your skin, and are your best bet in meeting your skincare goals. 

In the meantime we’ve put together some tips to help you whether you’re starting your skincare journey or looking to make a couple of changes to your current routine. 

1. Wear sunscreen. Every. Day. 

2. Don’t pick your pretty skin. 

3. Cleanse gently. 

4. Cleansing cloths are not proper skincare. Open the package only in case of emergency. 

5. Use a toner to balance your skin's PH.

6. Hydrate, moisturize and oil your skin.

7. Use serums specific to your skin.

8. Don’t overuse acids, even if you have blemishes.

9. Exfoliate gently and be careful not to overuse.

10.Be gentle with your skin during your cycle. Use this as a good time to use your face masks and at-home massage to get you through.

11. Sleep, eat and move well.

12. Stress is a glow killer.

13. Smoking, vaping and alcohol use do not give us good skin.

14. Be gentle with yourself. You deserve it.

Celebrities and influencers don’t have a secret. They just use the tools that estheticians and dermatologists have to offer. Our skin glows when it’s at its best, healthiest version and can change quite quickly with the right care. 

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It’s time to love your skin.