It’s the fear of every homeowner— coming home to flood or fire, or finding mould growing where it definitely should not be. It’s overwhelming to deal with a homerelated problem, especially when it happens unexpectedly. Fear not, however. Regina’s PuroClean is here to take care of it all. Launched in April, PuroClean Regina is a property restoration company that can tackle damage from fire, water, mould and biohazard. “We understand the stress of property damage, and we’re here to help,” says owner Dianne Beauchamp.

The Start

Dianne and her husband Greg Stephenson had been in the market for a business for some time before they landed on PuroClean. Dianne’s background in human services and Greg’s work as an engineer blended well for their new venture. “We had explored many options, and we knew we found what we were looking for when we met with the PuroClean company,” she says.

The company offered wonderful support and an excellent, established reputation for good work. Dianne and Greg signed up, taking on a territory that covers southern Saskatchewan up to the town of Chamberlain. “We were so impressed with the leadership, the other franchise owners and the supportive, family oriented culture,” she says.

The Work

The company’s main business helps property owners deal with disaster. “We liaise with the owner, the insurance company, our restoration team, and any needed contractors,” says Dianne. “Our tag line is ‘the paramedics of property damage’ and that couldn’t be truer.” PuroClean takes on the property remediation for you, helping you put your home or business and life back together. With water and fire incidents, they can determine the full extent of the damage including the places you can’t see. The company can also tackle mould remediation, removing dangerous mould than can impact your health and your home. PuroClean can also handle biohazard cleanup, and always with the care, compassion and discretion that work requires

The Launch

PuroClean launched on April 1, just in time for the COVID-19 pandemic to hit Saskatchewan. However, it hasn’t slowed them down. The company’s exclusive AEGIS anti-microbial product has proved valuable these days, helping protect homes and workplaces from the biological-based bugs we’re dealing with. “AEGIS is a Health Canadaapproved protection agent, applied after disinfection, that can be applied to any surface,” says Dianne. Essentially, AEGIS bonds with any surface—wood, plastic, metal, fabric and more— creating what can be described as a “bed of nails” for biologicals to be attracted to and punctured, quickly killing them. “We have applied AEGIS in workplaces as companies bring staff back to work,” says Dianne. Available for homes and businesses, AEGIS adds another line of protection in the fight against COVID-19. Best of all, it doesn’t come off for a year.

The Help

PuroClean Regina also helped the community they serve as the pandemic took hold. The money Dianne and Greg earmarked for a grand opening went to helping organizations deal with COVID-19. The PuroClean team disinfected and treated the Weyburn Police Service vehicles with AEGIS and did the same for Regina’s Sofia House—a shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence. “We also helped some local non-profits in Moose Jaw, too,” says Dianne. “It was our pleasure to help out where we could.” Their goodwill efforts were noted by PuroClean’s head office, who also had promotional money that couldn’t be spent in the ways they had planned. The company spread the funds to franchises across the country so they too could give back.

The Call

Because many disasters don’t happen during office hours, the PuroClean team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through their toll-free number. “If you’re facing a flood or fire or other major issue, call us immediately,” says Dianne. “We’ll take care of you and the damage from initial cleanup right through to repair and renovation.” Find out more at, call 306.559.5900 from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, and for after hours and weekends, call the 24-hour help line at 1.877.261.7876

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