Come in from the Cold

Come in from the Cold

Hair Care Tips for Winter Weather

Winter is tough. It’s tough to get up in the dark. It’s tough to get in a cold vehicle. It’s tough to shovel snow. It’s also tough on your body. The cold, dry air wreaks havoc on skin, nails and even our hair. Just thinking about static hair is enough punishment. Here are a few tips to at least keep your hair in shape during the long, dark days of a Saskatchewan winter.

• Shampoo less frequently. Try to wash two to three times a week and use dry shampoo in between washings. Lots of washing can dry out your scalp and cause flakes plus dry out your hair even more.

• Get oily. You can restore moisture to your hair with oil-based treatment. Lightweight argan oil treatments can work wonders. Plus, care for your ends daily with a nourishing hair oil before bed.

• Think deep. Deep conditioning once a week can also combat the effects of a cold, dry winter. It also helps prevent damage from heat styling too.

• Masking is for more than faces. Hair masks are another great tool for preventing damage and adding moisture.

• Leave-in conditioners can combat static. There is nothing like removing a toque or brushing hair and have hair develop a life of its own due to static. A quick shot of leave-in conditioner can combat the flyaways.

• Don’t go outside with wet hair, just like your mom said. Wet or damp hair freezes in the cold and that causes breakage. Listen to your mom—she is right.

• Cover your head. Back to your mom’s advice again. Wear a hat to cover your hair, and even better, have it lined with silk or satin. Your head will be warm, and your hair will be protected from the weather, static and breakage.

• Keep up with trims. It’s easy to want to hibernate all winter, but the salon is one place you shouldn’t avoid. Regular trims keep hair healthy and reduce split ends.