Comfy and Cozy

Comfy and Cozy

Make your home a winter oasis 

Winter is here and it’s not going anywhere for quite a while. Think months—you all know the drill because you live in Saskatchewan. As the wind blows and the snow flies, there is no better time to make your home a warm and inviting place to hunker down until spring. Let’s get started!

Layer up

Just like when you head outdoors during the winter, your home’s warmth and coziness needs layers. Start with a monochromatic palette with a neutral colour as your base—in a warm tone, like a modern beige or a warm grey. Don’t be afraid to include pops of colour—colour will add to the cozy feeling you’re trying to create. Textures will your next layer and this part is so important. Think of bulky knit throws, wicker baskets and fabric window treatments to add coziness. They should work together, but not match. Area rugs can also warm up a room’s feeling and also literally keep you warmer. Feet prefer to land on comfortable rugs and not cold floors in the winter.

Snuggle in

Next, add comfortable cushions and throws. Fleeces, big knits and cushions you can sink into can create a place you’ll never want to leave, and that’s the point. We would also add a wicker basket for blanket storage.

Lighting is also key to creating a cozy oasis. Warm lighting from well-placed lamps can do a lot, as can candles. Whether you choose real candles or lighting that looks like candles, soft lighting can make a space even more inviting. If you opt for real candles, we suggest beeswax candles. They’re a gorgeous colour, smell wonderful without overwhelming the room, and even purify the air.

Cows and trees

Surprisingly, leather can help your room feel cozy. It’s another layer of texture that can add warmth. Think about an ottoman or leather décor pieces to add that natural element. The same is true for wood. Warm-toned woods can elevate cozy with a well-placed side table or bookshelf. Speaking of tables, a big coffee table kicks up the cozy. You can use it for storage and for snacks, or to put your feet up. A tray can act as a décor piece and also hold books, a mug of something warm and your many remote controls.

Sit down

Cozy seating is also vital to capture those warm and fuzzy feelings. There is perhaps no greater cozy chair than the papasan. Perfect for the living room, bedroom, family room or tucked by a window, we dare you to sit in one and not stay in it for hours.

Go green

Plants add both colour and flair to a room. Well-placed plants can add another layer of cozy and look great at the same time. If you have a black thumb, go with something artificial—we won’t tell. If you’re going for real plants, we love succulents, spider plants, ferns and African violets for that important cozy feel.

Get together

Possibly the most important factor in cozy feelings is people (and pets). A cozy space feels cozy when there are people enjoying it. Whether its just you and the cat with a good book and mug of something warm, or the whole gang gathered to watch a movie or the game, your space will feel wonderful with the ones you love.