Considering the Energy Grant?

Considering the Energy Grant?

Are you considering the energy upgrades available through the various federal and provincial programs?

Although a simple plan of putting more insulation on top of the existing may sound good, doing so can leave significant issues within the attic itself.

What is insulation, and what should you expect if you add more?

Insulation is simply a fibrous material that works like a wool sweater. Air will pass right through it however, it will only slow the movement of heat.

For example, if your home was built prior to 1980, the vapor barrier is likely very minimal and at this point, over 40 years old! 

If the venting is not adequate from the soffits or roof, more insulation can cause problems, resulting in mold or rotting wood.

When homes have been updated with windows, exterior, furnace etc. the home will act differently than it was originally designed.

It is the attic experts recommendation to consider a complete assessment of your specific situation.

Call today to get a attic assessment completed before you proceed with your energy grant.

1  Your attic may contain some surprises. 2 This home has over-spanned rafters, that should be supported prior to more insulation going in. 3 Electrical Octagon boxes and other openings in the ceiling will allow air leakage from the home to produce condensate in the attic, insulation will do nothing to correct this. 4 Here’s an example where the electricians ran a wire up into the attic, how much air will leak through this hole into your attic right through the topped up insulation? Electricians, and plumbers often leave significant gaps in the vapor barrier over top plates of interior walls. These should be addressed before more insulation is put in. 5 vermiculite can be contaminated with asbestos.