Many of us are now working, learning, teaching, and even exercising at home. Our square footage hasn’t changed but all of our normally separate worlds have collided into whatever space we have. In the days of open-concept homes, rooms are being called to do double, triple or even quadruple duty. So, how to integrate these vital pieces of a life into your home without it becoming one giant chaotic mess? We know the challenges are already real enough without crazy-making clutter, so we’ve gathered some tips on setting up multi functional spaces.

Know when to fold ‘em

Use foldable furniture options to free up space when you aren’t using it. Instead of a free-standing desk, try a fold-away option that disappears into the wall when not in use. Need to claim the guest room for a home office? Opt for a murphy bed with built-in storage.

Put baby in a corner

Corner and L-shaped desks are great options for home offices as they keep everything at arms length, while still creating a sense of separation from the rest of the room. Psychologically, this acts as a designated work space even though it’s housed in a guest room or living room.

Climb the walls

Make use of normally unused space. Go vertical to maximize storage space for anything task-specific, reducing clutter that doesn’t have to be there when it’s not in use. Hang a magazine rack for magazines but also for household bills, home office files or paperwork. Use a pegboard system with small trays, shelves and hooks for small office items.

See no evil

Clear mess with creative storage solutions. Use shelving, wall hooks and shallow cabinets in places where there’s no space to lose. Furniture with built-in storage is the key to leading a double life. A lift-top storage ottoman doubles as seating. A lift-top coffee table provides a place to store books, magazines, blankets and electronics.

Teach…the children well

Already trying to educate kids at home? Let your storage do double-duty by teaching children to tidy up after themselves. Use a rail and cup system for crayons and markers. Hang wire bins or colourful baskets on walls to stash homework supplies and toys when they’re done for the day. No need for you to do it all yourself!