Custom Agricultural Intelligence Adds Real Value to The Ag Industry

Custom Agricultural Intelligence Adds Real Value to The Ag Industry

Saskatchewan’s Soil Experts Build Bushels One Farm at a Time

Custom Agricultural Intelligence Inc. (CAI) manufactures custom crop therapy formulations for all operations—based on biotic/abiotic factors, agronomics, and economics. The company is aware of how important it can be for farmers to rely on critical inputs to grow crops, build bushels, and achieve a good return on their investment at the same time. With its suite of products and services, CAI can help growers get more from their operations with their systematic scientific protocol that addresses everything from weed resistance, pest, disease, soil health, crop health, and much more.

CAI is at the forefront of customized prescription-based liquid and dry formulation protocol using the four Rs of nutrient management:

• Right fertilizer • Right rate • Right time • Right place

CAI has become a market leader in Western Canada, with its innovative intelligence and science-based protocol, adding real value to the farming industry. “Soil health and crop health are interconnected and affected by everyday agricultural practices and prevailing environmental conditions,” says Bernice Richard, Chief Operating Officer at CAI. “Our approach works to balance the soil’s biochemistry.” 

The company operates three facilities currently, with its Sedley operation producing both custom liquid and dry crop formulations. One of which is a laboratory located in Regina where they inoculate customized native microorganisms to improve soil health and offers a variety of advanced customized services to the agricultural sector. “Our microorganism facility can customize for every grower’s soil, and crop in Saskatchewan,” says Bernice. “With our soil and plant sample testing capabilities, you can ensure that there are ample levels of all the minerals required for your crop to maximize its genetic potential. We use our state-of-the art ICP-OES and ion probes which allows us to determine what’s deficient within the crops tissue and in the soil there by providing “real value” data that guides our growers’ decisions enabling them to react proactively fluctuating levels in natures biochemistry throughout the cropping season.”

The company has also created a crop monitoring system that uses a satellite to access issues in acres before they become problematic. The system uses CAI’s in-house GIS and remote sensing libraries directly linked to satellites, making it the first 100 per cent Canadian-originated GIS library. The CAI system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze fields and provide data based on the crops’ spectral reflectance, local meteorological variables, and other environmental factors. 

“Every farm and every soil are different, which is why custom solutions are vital,” says Bernice. “The soils nutrients should be replenished, and we’re committed to being part of the solution to doing this and growing nutrient dense food/seed. Our goal is to make the lives of growers easier while contributing to a growing sustainable agriculture industry here and around the world.”

Visit and follow CAI on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Contact CAI at 1.855.476.4276 for more information on how they can help your operation add real value and build bushels today.

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