Do You Know What All Those Symbols Mean?

Do You Know What All Those Symbols Mean?

Our clothes come with care labels that have many symbols indicating how they should be cared for. Do you know what they mean? Check out this handy guide!

Dealing with Dirt

As we all know, life can stain. Here’s a guide to how to remove stains from all kinds of places.

Red wine: Dab with club soda, then cover with salt and let it sit overnight.

Coffee or tea: Dab with white vinegar before washing.

Lipstick: Scrape off colour, pre-treat with stain remover and wash.

Foundation or salad dressing: Spot treat with dish soap and wash on hot.

Sweat: Mix equal parts of lemon juice and water, add salt to make a scrub for area. Treat with scrub and wash.

Chocolate: Treat with stain remover to pre-treat and wash.

Soy sauce: Rinse in cold water, dab with ammonia. Then pre-treat with stain remover before washing.

Ketchup: Rinse in cold water from the back, then sponge with white vinegar before washing.

Mustard: Scrape any excess and wash on hot.

Please note: Check your garment’s washing instructions before treating and washing. Some fabrics, like rayon, can’t be washed on hot.