Easy on the ears

Easy on the ears

Optimal Hearing is ready to help you and your family with hearing services when you need it. Hearing tests are easy and painless, and you don’t need a referral. Learn more about what Optimal Hearing can do for you at optimalhearing.ca or call (306) 559.4411. 

Reduce Your Risk for Hearing Loss

• Limit the amount of time you spend in loud places or doing loud activities.
• Keep your audio at safe but enjoyable levels. This includes media through headphones, car audio, televisions and stereo speakers.
• Wear hearing protection when needed, if you’re at risk for noise-induced hearing loss.
• Let your ears rest. If you’re experiencing temporary hearing loss or tinnitus, keep things quiet.
• Protect little ones’ ears, too. Avoid buying loud toys or toys without volume control. 

Get a hearing test if:

• You are anxious about meeting new people because you can’t understand them.
• You’re frustrated talking to loved ones because it is hard to hear them.
• You sense your social life has become limited because you can’t hear well.
• You find yourself avoiding or isolating from social situations.
• You feel alone even with family and friends.

Optimal Hearing offers:

• Hearing tests, for private and business clients
• All levels of hearing aid technology
• Hearing aid repairs and cleaning
• Custom earplugs for noise, swimming, or sleep
• Batteries
• Ear wax removal
• House calls for cleaning of hearing aids and custom noise protection ear molds 

Signs of Hearing Loss

• Speech and sounds seem muffled to you.
• You’re having trouble hearing high pitched sounds.
• You can’t follow conversations in noisy environments.
• You can’t hear speech easily on the phone.
• You ask people to speak more slowly or clearly.
• You ask people to repeat what they said.
• You’re turning up the TV or radio louder than before.
• our loved ones are noticing that they must speak louder or repeat themselves when they talk with you.

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