Embrace The Light

Embrace The Light

One of the top ten things that make a house a home is natural light. Nothing compares to waking up on a cold winter’s day to the feeling of warm sunshine on your face. Bringing that feeling into your home with new energy saving windows can lift your mood not only by adding ambience but by keeping money in your wallet.

The great benefits of natural light have not gone unnoticed by potential homebuyers, now considering “lots of natural light” as a must when choosing a new home. Below are a few different ways you can let in that gorgeous light!

Larger Windows or Doors

If you are looking to replace windows in your home, now is the perfect time to expand the openings and to improve the amount of natural illumination. Innovation in the window manufacturing industry allows for minimal framework around the glass, increasing the size of glass inside the window. Choose picture, bow, or bay windows for the biggest impact. These can combine fixed with operable units to allow maximum light and ventilation. Green Smart will come out to look at your window, professionally measure, and offer knowledgeable solutions.

Transom windows above your old windows will add extra illumination with no loss of privacy. Blinds can be added below the transom or all the way to the top. Adding decorative sidelites to your front entry door can really brighten a foyer as well as adding curb appeal to the exterior. Replacing a solid exterior door with a patio or garden door can make the indoors and outdoors come together beautifully.

Clean Windows

Seems like a simple way to brighten a room but who wants to clean all those windows inside and out? Well, it could not be simpler with our Simply Clean Glass System, the easiest way to get clean glass all year round. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. It harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can wash it away
  2. Comes standard with products when ordered with LoE Glass
  3. Your windows will stay cleaner longer
  4. Simply Clean works even on cloudy days as 80 per cent of the sun’s UV rays get through
  5. A thin layer of silicone dioxide makes the exterior glass surface super smooth
  6. The super smooth surface of Simply Clean allows the water to “sheet off” and evaporate quickly greatly reducing water spots.

Window Treatments Included

Something you may not realize after ordering new windows is your old shades may not t! But would you really want them to? Adding a custom window covering can make your home feel bright and happy and allow you to control the light. Green Smart has made this better than ever by adding FREE Graber window coverings with your window and door package. Want to upgrade? No problem! A complimentary window covering consultation will be provided to you with discount pricing offered on every style.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Outside Windows and Doors Landscaping and trees outside your home enrich the look and create beautiful curb appeal, especially with a new entry door. Of course, as the greenery outside grows, it can affect the light coming in. It could be time to prune tree branches, shrubs and climbing vines that are impeding windows or doors. Consider replacing overgrown plants with low-lying perennials or flowering annuals to keep an unobstructed view and natural light owing in.

Choose the Right Colour Palette

Always remember that color can either absorb or reflect light. Darker colors, even with large windows, will suck up the natural light coming in and will not have the same effect as a lightly painted wall color such as white, light grey or soft tan. Lighter colors act like a mirror and will re ect light around the room but nothing can replace a beautiful new window.

Bring in New Furniture

If you are contemplating new furniture, try a lighter colored sofa and instead use accents such as pillows or throws to add color to your room. Lighter colored furniture will sing with the natural light, adding to the positive vibes of your home.

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