Filling The Void

Filling The Void


As property owners in the Regina area know, uneven concrete is a fact of life and one that can be hard to deal with. Whether it’s your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or lling a void or stabilizing soil, Eco Concrete Levelling can help.

Founded by Bud and Jon Anderson, Eco Concrete Levelling Ltd. is proud to call Saskatchewan home. This locally owned and operated venture got its start when Bud and Jon recognized the need for a better way to raise and level uneven concrete. With their combined 50 years of experience in home building and renovation, they saw an opportunity to bring a new product and method to Saskatchewan that would help home and business owners alike.

They became Saskatchewan’s only certi ed deep foam injection company, complete with COR© certi cation from the Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan. “Our product is perfect for concrete levelling,” says Bud. “It’s an effective solution that stands up well in all conditions.”

The company brought to Canada an innovative product—Fillfoam—that is the most advanced foam on the market today. Fillfoam is perfect for filling voids. It works well in commercial and industrial applications from sink holes to abandoned mines.

In addition to introducing Fillfoam to Canada, the Eco Concrete team are also innovators in raising and levelling homes. They have created a patent-pending process known as EZLift. The process is certified by an engineer, giving customers the assurance and comfort they need in levelling their home. One of the major benefits is that, in most cases, the work is done inside the home, not outside, leaving your yard as is. Eco Concrete can also waterproof your basement, by applying foam on the basement’s exterior walls.

Polyurethane Foam Facts

  1. Does not add significant weight to the soil under the slab
  2. Fast curing time allows concrete to be put back into service immediately.
  3. Material expands to fully fill voids under slabs.
  4. Moisture resistant, will not wash out.
  5. Does not shrink over time.
  6. Increases concrete slab’s ability to bear weight
  7. Material is consistent in quality.
  8. Clean work environment with a less invasive application.

The process has little impact on landscaping, and it’s cost-effective, too. Their foam solution is budget- friendly and effective for our soil conditions—it’s a win-win.

Not only is Eco Concrete Levelling staying on the leading edge, they also provide excellent customer service on every project, big or small. Insured, bonded and COR© certified, the team provides a product and an experience that is second to none.  Eco Concrete Levelling offers free estimates and the best warranty in the business - and they have a 100% customer satisfaction policy. The company has received the Platinum Level Conctractor award by HMI two years in a row and are five-star rated on Google. Plus, Eco Concrete is the first in the industry in Regina to offer customers financing, allowing consumers to access deferred payment plans for their project.

Whatever your concrete levelling house lifting, waterproofing and soil stabilization needs are, Eco Concrete can help. They serve residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial clients on projects of all sizes. They are proud to call Saskatchewan home and lead the way in concrete levelling and soil stabilization solutions. Learn more at, follow them on Facebook, and call for your free Estimate at (306) 552 5438.

Levelling Grain Bids

Levelling Grain Bids

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