Filters are Great, but Beautiful Skin is Better

Filters are Great, but Beautiful Skin is Better

Well, I can't believe it's time to be thinking about Christmas! 

It's also a time of reflection about the last year, and this year has been one heck of a ride. Even though our bubbles have become smaller, hopefully you get to see some friends and family. With all of the Zoom parties and meetings you'll be invited to over the festive period, no doubt you will still want to look and feel your best. 

These are our best tips to keep you glowing, no matter what your plans: 

Hydrate – Water is key to our skin’s appearance. This time of year, our skin requires more hydration from the inside out. Try to up your water intake each day and you will be amazed at how beautifully your skin responds. Fine lines plump up and your skin will look more luminous. 

Exfoliate – Gently sloughing of dead skin cells helps your serums and moisturizers work at their best. Be sure to choose an exfoliator with perfectly spherical granules so that they do not scratch your beautiful face. Our favourite for the environment—exfoliators with dissolving wax jojoba beads for your face or natural sugars and salts for your body. 

Nutrition – In the hustle and bustle of wrapping presents while still getting kids to their activities, sometimes we can be lucky to get to eat that stale granola bar that's been hanging out in the bottom of our purse for months, or worse even skip a couple of meals altogether. This leads not only to the dreaded “hangry outburst” but also to a dull complexion that no amount of makeup can conquer. If you have a full day planned, be sure to pack your snack. I almost never leave the house without a meal in my purse. 

Moisturize – Not moisturizing our skin for fear of feeling ‘oily’ is at the top of our contributors to not only premature aging but also an oil and hydration imbalance which can lead to congested skin, bumpy texture and even breakouts. Keep your moisture game tight. 

Massage – We love to massage our faces with Gua Sha stones or Cupping devices using a decadent facial oil. This type of massage reduces the stress we carry on our foreheads and along our jaw line. Massage decreases inflammation, especially under your eyes so be sure to follow with your favourite eye cream. 

And as always, it's time to love your skin! 

Gift Giving Ideas 

We love Christmas gift sets to pamper ourselves or the special people in our lives. 

Here are some ideas for inspiring self care and taking time to invest in our own beauty: 

Body Care Kits –Trios are always a hit. They will most often include a body scrub, bath and shower gel or handmade soap and a scrumptious smelling body lotion, too. 

Cozy Socks, Beverage and Foot Care – Whether the receiver is into a juicy book or binging on Netflix, this is always a hit. Be a detective a discover their favourite tea, coffee or wine to include. You can add a foot file, exfoliator, foot cream and wrap it up in an adorable package. 

At Home Facial Kits – Many skincare companies release a series of at-home facials to inspire self-care. Be sure to choose one with an exfoliator, mask and an ultra hydrating finishing cream. 

Introduction to Your Favourite Skincare Line – Quite often you can head into your favourite spa/studio and pick up an introduction gift set to pair with a gift certificate. It’s ultra lux gift giving. 

Glowing Skin – Especially this time of year vitamin C is a must-have. Many skincare companies will make a duo or trio set at a discounted price for the gift of glow. 


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