Food Waste Isn’t Garbage Anymore

Food Waste Isn’t Garbage Anymore

Did you know that organic material, such as food waste, plant matter and grass clippings, make up 30 to 40 per cent of the waste generated in a municipality? Plus, the breakdown of those materials in a traditional landfill contributes to methane, which is a pollutant and a carbon emission?

What if there was a way to eliminate this issue right at the curb? Enter Regina’s Transverto Technologies. Their innovative food waste technology takes organic waste for reuse in a variety of industries—including agriculture.

“Organic waste doesn’t have to end up the city landfill,” says Bernice Richard, Chief Operations Officer, at Transverto. “It can be removed from the waste stream and used. It’s not only great for the environment, but also provides a major cost savings too.”

Currently, Transverto works with business clients that produce a large volume of organic matter, such as restaurants, and takes it all away to their Regina-based processing facility. No separation is required—all organic matter is accepted. Once the matter arrives, it’s sorted to remove any contaminants and non-organic material. It’s decontaminated, tested for its water, oxygen saturation, nutrient density and CO2 evolution and then improved as needed to become a “super-prill.” That product, the super-prill, is ready for agricultural use and entry back into the earth. “Removing organics from the waste stream to become usable in farming is a great way to regenerate the planet,” says Bernice. “We see ourselves as a part of the farm-to-table movement but we’re in reverse. We’re ‘table to farm.’”

Not only is the Transverto Technology process great for the environment, it’s also great for the bottom line. Sectors with a significant amount of organic waste, such as the hospitality industry, can save up to 50 per cent on waste management costs. Households could see their waste reduced by up to 20 per cent. “Locally, we could remove approximately 47,000 tonnes of waste from ending up in the landfill annually,” says Bernice. “With us, instead of taking up space and emitting methane, that waste can become something useful and good for the earth.

Transverto works with corporate clients currently, and companies can sign up for an organic waste removal subscription online. The company will deliver a six cubic metre bin for the waste, and anything edible and served on a table can be placed inside. “You can reach out to us online or by calling 1.855.480.5720,” says Bernice. “We can help you get started – it’s easy. And it’s a way to be part of the solution and make the world a better place for our children and generations to come.

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