Glad to Hear It

Glad to Hear It

Optimal Hearing Centre Cares for Your Ears

Cristina Carteri, owner at Regina’s Optimal Hearing, wants everyone to have happy, healthy ears that hear—and hear well. Her caring and committed approach to every client is visible from the moment you walk in. A hearing aid practitioner for 15 years, she opened her practice three years ago and hasn’t looked back since. “I spent several years working for the Ministry of Health in the Hearing Aid program until it was ended in 2017,” says Carteri. “After that, I opened my own practice to help clients with their hearing, and I love every minute of it.” Whether you’re coming in for a screening, hearing aids or any of their products or services, Cristina delivers the care and advice you need. 

Optimal Hearing is committed to helping people care for their hearing, no matter how old they are. Many people never check their hearing until they (or their loved ones) notice a problem. “Ears need checkups just like eyes and teeth,” says Cristina. “Good hearing is important to your overall health, and if you haven’t had a hearing test, you should.” The best time to check your hearing is right now. Getting a baseline on your hearing is important so that if issues arise, a hearing expert has something to work from. Cristina recommends having your hearing screened every two years. “Like an eye exam, a hearing examination should be something you do regularly.”

Optimal Hearing Centre offers:

  1. Hearing screenings, for private and business clients
  2. Hearing aid technology
  3. Hearing aid repairs and cleaning 
  4. Earplugs 
  5. Batteries

Optimal Hearing conducts screenings in-office for individuals and businesses and dispenses hearing aids to those who need it. Plus, she makes house calls to clients who can’t otherwise make it to her practice. “Many clients are seniors, and I am happy to stop by for hearing aid maintenance,” she says. 

The practice also offers hearing protection for people of all ages, whether you need it for work or leisure. Optimal Hearing takes custom ear mold impressions to create earplugs that fit perfectly to your ears. “We can provide earplugs for workplace use, if you’re working in a loud environment,” says Cristina. “We also offer earplugs for athletes—such as swimmers—and for musicians and concert-goers.”

Cristina is also committed to educating people about hearing and how to keep it your ears healthy. The old adage is true—nothing smaller than your elbow should enter your ear. “People know that expression and it’s true. Cotton swabs, no matter how you might like it, should stay out of ears,” she says. “If you need wax removed, see a professional.” You should also always wear ear protection in loud environments and limit your time in noisy places. And always see a health professional if you experience a change in hearing or your ears that lasts more than 24 hours. “Sudden changes in your ears can indicate health concerns. Don’t wait to have it checked out,” advises Cristina.

Optimal Hearing is ready to help you and your family with hearing services when you need it. Hearing screenings are easy and painless and you don’t need a referral. “It’s never too early to have your hearing checked, and it’s so important to your overall health and quality of life,” says Cristina. 

Learn more about what Optimal Hearing can do for you at or call (306) 559.4411. 

Reduce Your Risk for Hearing Loss

  1. Limit the amount of time you spend in loud places or doing loud activities
  2. Keep your audio at safe but enjoyable levels. This includes media through headphones, car audio, televisions and stereo speakers.
  3. Wear hearing protection when needed, if you’re at risk for noise-induced hearing loss.
  4. Let your ears rest. If you’re experiencing temporary hearing loss or tinnitus, keep things quiet.
  5. Protect little ones’s ears, too. Avoid buying loud toys or toys without volume control. 

See a professional if…

  1. You can’t follow a conversation if there is background noise (such as in a restaurant or at a party).
  2. You feel people are mumbling when they speak.
  3. You’re experiencing ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

From: Canadian Hard of Hearing Association,

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