Going Down the Drain in a Good Way

Going Down the Drain in a Good Way

Action Sewer and Drain Puts the Customer First

The thing about your sewer and drain is that you never really give them much thought until something goes wrong. And when something goes wrong, you’re not going to stop thinking about it until it’s fixed. Enter Regina’s Action Sewer and Drain. They are the experts on all things related to your sewer and water lines, drains, pipes, sinks, toilets, tubs and showers and the team is there where you need them.

Action Sewer and Drain offers residential and commercial services calls for everything from

main sewer cleaning for tree roots to sewer line and drain maintenance, plus emergency services including drain backups, sewer gas leaks, and severe overflows from sinks, toilets, tubs and showers.  The company performs high-definition camera and sonar inspections for locating persistent issues and have on-hand sewer gas odor detection equipment. They also offer vacuum truck services for sump pits, water/waste removal and grease traps, high pressure jetting of sewer lines, and thawing of sewer or water lines. Action Sewer and Drain also has a separate team of technicians that specializes in removing graffiti, and a water truck for portable water delivery.

Owner Roy Diering got his start in the industry 23 years ago and started Action Sewer and Drain eight years ago. “I worked my first job in high school, and that employer taught me that the customer is a very important part to any business,” says Roy. “I have held onto that idea since then, and it’s guided me throughout my career and into my business today.”

“I have always enjoyed the service industry. Meeting different people customers all day long and attending customer’s homes to discuss certain services calls keeps me from becoming desk bound. It’s an important part of my business that customers see me and can genuinely feel that they are being looked after.”

-Roy Diering, owner at Action Sewer and Drain

When Roy launched Action Sewer and Drain, he wanted to be different with a goal to become the best in the industry. “I wanted to create a business with that family-friendly feel that larger companies can’t provide,” he says. “I have a different perspective on the industry, and I wanted to reflect that in everything we do.”

While Roy is no longer running the cables day-to-day, he is still there working with Action Sewer and Drain technicians on every service call. Roy loves answering the phone and talking to his customers, working through their sewer issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. He is also proud of the team he has built, that provide the same customer service experience he does. “Our team goes above and beyond to make sure that each customer is well taken care of,” says Roy. “Without my knowledgeable, dedicated and reliable technicians, none of this would have been possible.”

You’ll also see the Action Sewer and Drain team stands out when they arrive to work. Every technician proudly wears a company uniform and arrives in a decaled, clean Action truck. “Even though we are in the #2 business, we stand out,” jokes Roy.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Action Sewer and Drain is there when you need them. Find them online at actionseweranddrainltd.com, follow them on Facebook, and call 306.586.2727 for 24-hour service.

Action Sewer and Drain Services Ltd.

1305 Osler Street