Hear a Pin Drop

Hear a Pin Drop

Hearing Aid Maintenance Matters 

When you’re in need of hearing aids, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the advice and care you need to adjust easily. Look no further than Optimal Hearing located at the Southland Mall. With fifteen years’ experience as a hearing aid practitioner, owner Cristina Carteri can help you find and maintain the hearing aids that work best for you.

Getting Used to It

“When you are new to wearing hearing aids, adjusting to them is a process,” says Carteri. “You’re going to be surprised at how much hearing you will have again, and it takes time to reacquaint yourself to all the sounds around you.” Typically, Carteri likes to ease her clients back into hearing everything around them, so they aren’t overwhelmed by sound. “I start slowly, and we increase the volume over time. That way, both the client and their family can get used to communicating with one another again,” she says.   Carteri provides communication strategies to help clients and their loved ones succeed with hearing aids. It takes time to reorient yourself and learn to extract speech from noise. 

Once you have your hearing aids, it is also important to maintain them. Carteri recommends professional cleaning at least three to four times a year at a minimum. “Cleaning will keep them in good working order, and whatever you do, never wear them in the water,” she advises. “Water and hearing aids do not mix.”

Find out what Optimal Hearing can do for you at optimalhearing.ca or call (306) 559.4411 for information and appointments.

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