Hey it’s Saturday

Hey it’s Saturday

Weekend Craft for Kids

Need to keep your shorties occupied on a weekend afternoon? Look no further than these fun crafts the whole family can enjoy.

Make a good impression

You’ll need:

• Clay (available at your local craft store)

• Acrylic craft paints

• Spray shellac

• Cups or trays for paint

• Yarn

• Rolling pin or smooth bottle to roll clay flat

• Smooth plastic table cloth or cutting board

• Paint brushes

• Water in cups for rinsing brushes

• Paper towels to dry brushes

• Skewer or chopstick

• Cookie cutters

• Leaves, rocks or other interesting things that can make an impression in the clay

Spread out your tablecloth or cutting board. Divide clay into large pieces and roll to ¼” thick. You can roll the clay into shapes or use cookie cutters. Once you have your shape, press (or use the rolling pin) leaves, rocks or anything else that makes an interesting impression in the clay. Be careful not to press too hard. Use just enough pressure to make an impression. Carefully lift away from the clay, ensuring that you have a clear impression. 

If desired, press a hole in the top of your shape with a skewer or chopstick, so you can slide yarn through it for hanging.

Let clay dry overnight until solid. When dry, paint your clay shapes with acrylic paints. Let the paint dry, and use spray shellac to preserve the paint. Once dry, string with yarn to make hanging ornaments, a mobile or a windchime. 

Fairy tales

You’ll need:

• Clay flower pots (available at your local craft, garden or dollar store)

• Acrylic paints

• Paint brushes

• Waterbase Sealer or Spray shellac

• Plastic table cloth or newspaper

• Paint brushes

• Cups or trays for paint

• Water in cups for rinsing brushes

• Paper towels to dry brushes

Send them out  on a springtime scavenger hunt

If your kids need some fresh air and sunshine this spring, send them out on the hunt for the things on this list while  they explore the outdoors.

❒ Green grass

❒ Green leaves

❒ Pinecone

❒ Rock

❒ Feather

❒ Bark

❒ Mud puddle

❒ Dirt

❒ Flying birds

❒ Clouds

❒ Budding leaves

❒ Blooming flowers

❒ Ladybug

❒ Spider

❒ Bee

❒ Beetle

❒ Fly

❒ Ant

❒ Squirrel

❒ Rabbit

Spread out plastic tablecloth or newspapers. Flip plant pots upside down to form your “fairy house.” Using paints, paint designs to create your house - think about doors, windows and fairy designs like flowers, ribbons and and hearts. Use your imagination! Let paint dry. When paint is dry, apply sealer or spray shellac. Place in your garden or flower bed when spring arrives.