Hit the Books

Hit the Books

Custom Bookkeeping & Tax Services Puts You and Your Business First

For many business owners, dealing with the bookkeeping part of the work is often their least favourite task. Often, it’s because you’re too busy running your business to have time for the administrative stuff. Enter Custom Bookkeeping & Tax Services. Owner Tricia Brown and her team can take it all over for you, leaving you to do what you do best. Tricia, who grew up in small-town Saskatchewan and is now a busy mom of four, founded the company 15 years ago. “I started Custom Bookkeeping after years working in accounting and administration,” says Tricia. “Today, we’re a full-service firm that can help businesses of all sizes and in any industry take care of their books and so much more.”

Custom Bookkeeping & Tax Services has three offices—Regina, Oxbow and Grenfell—staffed with the experts needed to keep your company’s books in order. Offering three levels of service with easy pricing, plus custom services too, the company can take care of just about everything you need to get done. “We handle the standard services—things like payroll, bookkeeping, GST and PST returns, tax filing—plus things that are more complicated,” says Tricia. “We’re also familiar with cross-border work, whether it’s between provinces or to the United States, and the specialized needs of industries like mining and agriculture.” Whether you’re a one-person startup, a large operation with exports, a non-profit or anything in-between, they can help.

Not only can Custom Bookkeeping manage your books, but they can also help with other financial needs such as insurance, investments and taxation. “We can also help you get the life insurance and RRSPs you need too,” says Tricia. “We’re here for your whole financial life.”

The company also prides itself on its tech savvy. Custom Bookkeeping is rolling out new in-house technology that allows clients to log in whenever they need to see where their books are, what documents or signatures or needed, and more. “Our new software allows us to easily share information and more with our clients without ever leaving the office,” says Tricia. “You can upload documents, see what we’re working on, ask questions and get what you need when you need it.” However, if you like to keep it simple, they can do that too. The company also offers training for clients to learn software, such as QuickBooks, in their Regina training centre. 

See what Custom Bookkeeping & Tax Services can do for your financial life. With a team of 10 and growing and three offices to serve you, they’re ready to help. Learn more at custombookkeeping.ca.

Custom Bookkeeping & Tax Services offers:

• Payroll 

• Income Tax Services

• Bookkeeping

• Financial Statement Preparation

• GST and Remittances

• Incorporations

• Insurance

• Investments

• And more

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