Hit the Road

Hit the Road

Tips to plan your summer vacation

With spring here and summer around the corner, it’s time to think about your next holiday. Summer vacation is a time to relax, unwind and make some amazing memories with family or friends. 

However, planning a summer vacation can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if you're not sure where to start. To help you plan a stress-free summer vacation, here are some tips to get you started.

Decide on your budget. Before you start planning your vacation, it's important to decide on a budget. Consider how much money you're willing to spend and how you plan to pay for your vacation. This will help you narrow down your destination choices and plan your activities accordingly.

Choose your destination. Once you have a budget in mind, it's time to choose your destination. Consider factors such as distance, weather, local attractions, and activities when picking a destination. If you're traveling with kids, it's also important to find a destination that offers family-friendly activities. Local tourism boards will have plenty of advice, and can often send brochures and maps for no charge.

Long car rides can be a challenge for parents with young children, as kids can quickly become restless and bored. To keep your little ones entertained and engaged during long car rides, here are some car games and activities that are sure to keep them occupied.

I Spy: This classic game is perfect for car rides. One person chooses an object that they can see, and the others have to guess what it is by asking "yes" or "no" questions.

Alphabet game: Starting with the letter "A," players must find objects outside the car that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

Twenty Questions: One player thinks of a person, place or thing, and the other players have 20 yes-or-no questions to try to guess what it is.

Road trip bingo: Create bingo cards with items such as "cow," "red car," and "stop sign." The first person to get five in a row wins.

Travel journal: Give each child a notebook and have them write about their trip or draw pictures of what they see along the way.

Audiobooks and podcasts: Download age-appropriate audiobooks and podcasts for your child to listen to during the ride.

These car games and activities can help make the journey more enjoyable for everyone and can make the trip go by much faster.

Book your accommodations. Once you've decided on your destination, it's time to book your accommodations. Do some research online and look for the best deals on hotels, rental homes, or vacation packages. Consider factors such as location, amenities like pools and free breakfast, and price when choosing a place to stay. 

Plan your activities. Research local attractions and activities and plan your itinerary accordingly. If you're traveling with kids, make sure to include activities that are age-appropriate and fun for the whole family. Look for activities that are unique to your destination and take advantage of any discounts or coupons that are available. Credit card reward points often offer passes to events and attractions.

Pack smart. Make a packing list ahead of time and pack smart. Consider the weather at your destination and pack clothes and gear accordingly—check the forecast. If you're flying, make sure to pack essentials in your carry-on bag in case your luggage gets lost or delayed. At minimum, make sure you have toiletries, pajamas and a change of clothes.

Stay safe. When traveling, it's important to stay safe. Research any potential safety concerns at your destination and take appropriate precautions. Make sure to have emergency numbers on hand and keep your valuables safe and secure.

Have fun and be flexible. Remember, the most important part of any vacation is to have fun and make amazing memories. Don't stress too much about sticking to a strict itinerary or schedule. Be flexible and open to new experiences, and remember to take time to relax and enjoy your vacation.