Home Hacks

Home Hacks

Ways to stay on top of your "homework"

It seems like it’s impossible to stay ahead of everything a home needs done. The weekends are never long enough for cleaning and maintenance, much less time to relax and enjoy your home. This list can help you keep your home tidy, clean and well-maintained without the stress.

Daily duties

• Make the beds

• Empty and load dishwasher and wash dishes

• Sweep

• Put away things left out

• Take out the garbage and recycling

• Laundry as you need it

Weekly wash

• Clean the bathrooms

• Dust furniture and clean mirrors

• Change sheets and towels

• Mop

• Clean appliances

• Vacuum

Once a month

• Wipe down cabinets

• Clean backsplash and grout

• Wipe baseboards

• Wash out garbage cans

• Wipe windows and doors

Every season

• Clean out pantry, fridge and freezer

• Wash comforters and pillows

• Clean carpets

• Shred documents

• Organize closets

• Clean draperies and dust blinds

• Wash windows