Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Freshen up your space

As spring arrives, it’s never been a better time to look around  and make some changes to your home decor. While you’re spring cleaning and organizing, take some time to re-energize the space you call home with these hot new trends for home.

The name of the game in 2023 is creating a haven at home that feels luxurious whether you’re spending a lot or not. We all deserve a nice place to come home too, so embrace the idea that your space is your sanctuary.

Live luxury

It’s not about spending a lot to get your luxurious home. Think about warmth in your home, with cushions, soft rugs, and fabrics that feel high-end. You can lean into clean lines, or incorporate textures, rich colours and warm woods. 

Embrace timeless

Many classic looks are resurfacing in 2023. While curved lines in furniture are still hot this year, streamlined pieces are appearing once again. Plus, consider fabrics with a timeless feel like cotton, linen and velvet. If you still adore boucle and sherpa, stick to accent pieces like pillows and throws when adding them in.

Life in Technicolour

After years of grey (so much grey) and other neutrals, colour is coming back in 2023. Don’t be shy—add splashes of colour to brighten up your space. Rich jewel tones are worth exploring—think green, blue and earth tones. If you’re hesitant to take the leap, experiment with a wallpaper in a small space (like the bathroom), a bold feature wall, or adding colourful accent pieces. Bedding can also liven up the space—layers of colour and pattern can bring your room into 2023 easily. 

Toss a pebble

Granite is for more than just a countertop. Natural stones are on trend, especially ones with a unique pattern or colour palette. Think marble, granite, soapstone, and limestone on more than just your kitchen island. Look for stone coffee tables and accents, plus stone-like ceramics, pottery, and dinnerware.  Pieces that are imperfect and retain their natural charm and character are especially popular right now.

Tying in with the fine living trend, more than ever, people are making their homes feel like a retreat, with things like sumptuous sofas, plush cushions, luxurious bedding, spaces to do yoga or meditate, spa-like bathrooms, rock gardens, and quiet places to work becoming must-haves.  

Time to metal

You don’t need just one metal finish in 2023. Mixing your metals adds interest—think about how your kitchen or bathroom can be updated with different finishes for fixtures and hardware. Don’t forget about doorknobs, curtain rods and light fixtures. Gone are the days of one metal and one metal only.

Black is the new black

Whether your style is sleek and shiny or cozy and comforting, every home can use a little black. This classic colour can add drama and contrast, and works with both neutrals or bold colour palettes. Add black easily with lamps, new hardware, or picture frames to start.

Let there be light

Lighting doesn’t have to be boring. Swap those pendants for lighting that makes a statement. Oversized lights in unique shapes can be a focal point in your room and add a special touch of style. Rattan, clay and ceramic lighting options are also becoming trendy and offer an interesting look for your space. Don’t forget that candles, floor lamps and table lighting can create a welcoming, comfortable feeling.  

Way back

Like every year, trends will often look back over the decades for inspiration. Move over mid-century modern, the 1970s are ready for their moment in the sun. Explore the warm wood tones of the bell-bottom decade and the natural materials that decade loved. Walnut, rattan, wicker and caning are coming back. If vintage is your game, it might be time to poke around your mom’s (or grandma’s) basement for forgotten treasures that are ready to have a new life.