How it all Began

How it all Began

Sask Roof Renew can save you money, and your roof.

Regina’s Darrel Treppel was looking for a new business opportunity after concluding a successful career in IT. After much research, he purchased the Gorilla Property Services franchise for the Regina area in 2017. This company provides property maintenance services such as gutter and window cleaning and power washing to commercial, retail, multi- and single family residential customers. In Spring 2019, Darrel was approached and offered an opportunity to provide asphalt shingle rejuvenation as an ‘add on’ to his building maintenance services.

After learning that the biodegradable soy-based formula developed from the technology used to treat asphalt roadways for decades could be applied to asphalt shingles to extend the life of a roof, Darrel was, “equally intrigued and skeptical.”

“This was such a new approach. Maintaining your roof was just not something that I’d heard of; but of course, it makes sense,” he says. Darrel agreed to test the idea for one year. During that time, he researched the product and application process extensively, compared it with other products, and learned how the product worked by actually applying it and monitoring the results. 

Before that first year was up, he knew they were on to something. “However,” as he likes to say, “the proof is in the pudding.” At the beginning of the second year, Darrel says he went back around to look at the houses he himself had sprayed, to see the results. He was amazed. Shingles so dry they were curling were now laying flat on the roofs. The oils from the rejuvenation product had penetrated the dried shingles, making them soft and flexible again. The product exceeded every one of his expectations.

“There is no question this product can extend the life of an aging asphalt roof for many years,” he says. “The cost of the rejuvenation is a fraction of roof replacement.” So, in the Spring of 2020, Darrel launched Sask Roof Renew the asphalt shingle rejuvenation company powered by Greener Shingles. “I am 100 percent confident in this product. I know it works because I tested it,” Darrel says. He is quick to point out that not every roof can be rejuvenated; some roofs have just deteriorated too far. “It’s not good for

my business to sell you something that isn’t going to work. But if I can save you some money, save you from prematurely replacing your roof, and keep tons of shingles out of the landfills, I’m happy with that.”

“The cost of the rejuvenation is a fraction of roof replacement.”

Sask Roof Renew uses the scientifically formulated biodegradable soy bean oil based rejuvenators of Greener Shingles, which is the company who first adapted the technology used in asphalt roadways and parking lots for use on asphalt shingles. Asphalt roofs usually start showing signs of aging and deterioration after 5 to 10 years. This is normal and dependent on your location and the environmental conditions your roof has been exposed to. As the original oils dry up, asphalt shingles lose the ability to hold the protective granular top layer in place, causing them to curl and the granular to fall off into the gutters.

“There are so many benefits to this product”, Darrel says. The oil penetrates deep into your shingles and begins working immediately. As it penetrates, the flexibility and waterproofing elements of your roof are restored, and the remaining granular surface is once again protected and stays on the roof where it belongs. This rejuvenation system extends the life of your roof by 5 to 15 years. “Plus, you can add this as part of your regular maintenance schedule to continue extending the life of the most exposed element of your home.”

As far as pricing, the general estimate is 15-20 percent of the cost of replacement. “I like to have a look at the actual property – in person when possible, but sometimes using technology. From there, an accurate estimate will be developed and of course, I’ll go over it with you to explain everything. Give me a call and I’ll be happy to see if we can help,” Says Darrel. Book your free evaluation and quote today.

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