Jillian's Gift Guide

Jillian's Gift Guide

Shop local this holiday season and find new favourites for family and friends.  

Smoked Cocktail Kit. Contains everything you need to harness the unparalleled fusion of wood smoke and spirits. 1 glass infuser carafe, 1 glass smoking stand, 1 silicone stopper, 20 smoking pellets, 1 recipe booklet

Maison Berger. Formerly Lampe Berger is an air purifying system that kills air borne bacteria and eliminates odors in the air.

Anne Marie Chagnon Jewllery.  Award winning Canadian artist that hand creates gorgeous wearable art. These Versatile and stylish pieces easily pair with casual & dress attire and transcend through many decades of style.

Secrid wallets. A New area of technology calls for a new type of wallet; one that protects your cards, money, and privacy. Hand made in Holland these unique wallets provide patented technology to protect from RFID scanning and keep your cards organized while giving you a gorgeous modern look.

Sizzle Lighters. USB rechargeable lighters that will never let you down and make a beautiful statement. You will never need a different lighter again.