Just Wanna Have Sun: Outdoor Décor Ideas

Just Wanna Have Sun: Outdoor Décor Ideas

Dress up the Deck

Outdoor rugs and mats can elevate your deck or patio instantly.

Make Your Fence Come Alive

Attaching plant pots or even an over-the-door shoe holder on a sunny fence adds a pretty touch to a fence.

Start the Day Right

Breakfast on the patio is not just for vacations. A bistro table and chairs add a café feel. Having breakfast outdoors (or even just a few minutes with a cup of coffee) is a fantastic way to get the day going.

Care for the Birds, Butterflies and Bees

Pollinators need love too. Adding pollinator-friendly plants like bee balm, lavender, coneflower, columbine, fuchsia, snapdragon, milkweed and phlox not only beautify, but also support your backyard’s biodiversity. Add a birdbath and watch the wildlife play in the water. Bees and butterflies need a drink, too. A terracotta dish in the flowerbed with a few flat stones and water will refresh bees and butterflies alike. Add feeders to get a better look at feathered friends that frequent Saskatchewan.

Warm Up the Night

A fire pit is the perfect way to cozy up the yard. Construct one from curved paving stones (doesn’t need mortar) in minutes or buy a ready-built option at your local home renovation store. Don’t forget the smore supplies!

Mood Lighting

Strings of solar lights and landscape lighting are a chic look for the patio and garden. Best of all, they recharge during the day to offer up ambient lighting at night. Painting planters with glow-in-the-dark paint is another way to light up the night.

Cozy Up

Cushions make the outside comfortable day or night. Outdoor fabric cushions can stand up to the elements and look great too. Liven up patio furniture with pops of colour, and cozy-ify Muskoka chairs with overstuffed cushions. A decorative plastic bin with lid can hold blankets for cool evenings by the fire.


Outdoor daybeds and loungers are a great place to enjoy a good book, a Netflix binge, or just a sit in the sun.

Pot it Up

Even if you’re not into gardening, a few potted herbs can liven up a patio with a decorative touch and elevate your cooking too.  Basil, rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano are a few staples to have on hand.