Let’s go outside

Let’s go outside

Landscaping ideas you’ll love

As the slow march to spring soldiers on, now is the time to think about your outdoor space and how you can make the most of another Saskatchewan spring and summer.

Embrace the prairies. Add native plants into your flowerbeds and gardens. It not only helps local wildlife, pollinators and our biodiversity, it’s also beautiful. Native plants to consider include prairie coneflower, wild blue flax, western red lily, yarrow, smooth aster and goldenrod. They’re easy to grow and care for because this is their home.

Let’s go to the tropics. In addition to bringing native species into your landscape, you can also have fun with more tropical selections in patio pots. Cannas and rose mallows can add flair to outdoor spaces with their bright colours and good looks.

Blur the lines. We’re making more and more of outdoor spaces these days. Bring the outdoors in, and the indoors out this year. Outside, add comfortable, functional furniture complete with cushions and lighting for long days and nights. Inside, a potted herb garden and hanging plants can bring nature in.  

Entertain yourself. Take your indoor-outdoor crossover one step further with an outdoor kitchen or entertaining area. Gone are the days of a small gas barbecue and a plastic lawn chair. If you’ve got the room, outdoor bars and kitchens can make a backyard come alive. Think pizza ovens, smokers, bar carts, fire pits…the sky’s the limit.

Pot up. If you don’t have a yard to spread out in, you can still enjoy the outdoors. A comfortable chair and some potted plants can turn a boring balcony into a place to watch the world go by. Consider a patio tomato, a couple of herb plants and pot large enough for two to three different flowers to make your patio pop.

Help Mother Earth. Sustainable design remains a top trend in landscaping. Beyond adding native plants, think about ways you can minimize water usage (great for your wallet and the planet) with rain collection and drought resistant plants. Add bird feeders and pollinator friendly plants to attracts bees, birds and butterflies. Set up a composter to naturally boost your plants and reduce your household waste.

Bloom where you’re planted. When picking plants, think about when they’ll bloom. Succession planting means ensuring your plants will flower at different times, giving you gorgeous blooms all season long.

Grow up. Vertical gardens are catching on both inside and outside. Not only do they add visual interest, but they’re also a great way to save space while enjoying greenery and blossoms. You can even grow food on a patio wall or fence and add privacy at the same time.