Let's Go Outside!

Let's Go Outside!

Camping ideas to try this summer.

Whether you’re a professional RVer or a first-time tenter, we can all learn something about how to make camping even more fun and easy.

Pack it up. No matter how many times we have camped, we still struggle with the game of Tetris that is packing the cooler. The trick is layers. First, start with a layer of frozen bottles of water. These do double duty—they keep the cooler cold, and as they melt you can use them for drinking water. Next, add a layer of frozen, well-sealed meat. Then comes your chilled canned drinks, followed by a tray or rack to keep things divided. Add your lunch meats, cheese and condiments, and finally anything that is more delicate like eggs and vegetables. If you have two coolers, move the drinks to their own space and chill with bags of ice that can easily be drained and replaced. Camp cookery. Keep your kitchen organized in a plastic tote. At the bottom, place your frying pan and saucepan. Next, add your supplies tucked in large freezer bags. Place similar items into freezer bags, such as dish soap and sponges. Create a ‘meal’ bag for every camper that includes a plate, bowl, cup and cutlery. Finally, add your kitchen tools, towels and items like foil, paper towels, garbage bags and matches.

Plan ahead.

Prepare as much as you can ahead of time. Planning meals that use many of the same ingredients can cut down on how much you need to haul. As well, cutting up fruit and vegetables, slicing cheese, and dividing up portions can save on prep work at the campsite.

Keep meals easy and fun.

There’s a reason Taco-in-a-Bag is a hit with campers of all ages. Plus, it’s a meal you can make ahead. Chop the lettuce, tomatoes and onion ahead and use shredded cheese and sour cream. Cook the ground beef ahead of time and warm it up on the grill or camp stove. Single serving Dorito bags serve as your bowl. Just layer it all and dig in! Did you know a few Doritos can help start a fire? The Dorito combination of starches and oils make them easily combustible and provide a steady burn to kick start your campfire. Not only do they taste great, they can also get the bonfire going for a night of good times with friends and family.

Fun and games

Beyond cooking, you also need to plan for some fun. Besides trips to the beach, pool and golf course, there’s fun you can bring along. If you’re entertaining kids, freezer bags packed with crayons, markers, notebooks, stickers and colouring books can pass the time in the car and at the campsite.

Scavenger hunts can be a hoot for the whole family. Break into teams and see who can find the most items in an hour. Here’s a list of things to ‘hunt’:

●      Something colourful

●      Something smooth

●      Something rough

●      Something fuzzy

●      Something square

●      Something round

●      A flying bug

●      A crawling bug

●      A fuzzy animal

●      Tree bark

●      Two different leaves

●      Two different rocks

●      Two different flowers

●      Two different birds

●      Pinecones

●      Feathers

Playing cards can also provide plenty of entertainment. Pick up a book of card games and learn a new game by the fire. Kites are a great way to enjoy Saskatchewan’s wide open spaces and many summer breezes. At the beach, buckets and shovels can provide hours of entertainment making castles, sculptures and burying each other in the sand.

A little planning and smart packing can make a big difference in your camping experience, and give you more time to enjoy relaxing by the pool, lake or campfire. Have fun!