Make Your Bed!

Make Your Bed!

R+B Linens are a Luxury You'll Love

There is nothing like sliding into a freshly made bed with soft, smooth sheets and cozy bedding—it’s close to heaven on earth. Regina’s R+B Linen is taking your bed to the next level with their line of flax linens that will make your bed a place you may never leave.

“Our 100 per cent flax linen is so comfortable to sleep in that you’ll wonder how you went so long without it,” says manager Brenda Evans, at R+B Linen. “Flax linen will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s also perfect for people who suffer from night sweats or hot flashes, keeping you cool when you need it.” With R+B Linen, you won’t have to switch between summer and winter bedding, and you won’t need heavy pajamas anymore.

Offered in six gorgeous colours that look great with any décor, R+B Linen offers a full suite of bedding including beautiful, quilted linen blankets, sheet sets, and duvet covers. Whatever you choose, you’re going to love it and what it does for the quality of your sleep. Designed to last and ultra-soft, linen bedding is an investment in your health. “Our selection of linens will stand up to time, providing you with years of good sleep,” says Brenda.

You can also add linen around your home with one of R+B Linen’s gorgeous throws, and even the little ones can enjoy the luxury of flax linen in a cozy baby blanket. “Our fashion colours look great in any room,” says Brenda. “It’s the ultimate treat for you and the ones you love.”

R+B Linen offers in-person shopping at their location at their showroom just west of Regina, and you can also order online. “Everyone is welcome to visit our showroom to see our beautiful linens in person,” says Brenda. Offering worldwide shipping with no minimum order, you can also send the gift of good sleep to friends and family.

Open 9 am to 4 pm weekdays and always open online, R+B Linen offers a life-changing linen experience you’ll love. Learn more at to add flax linen to your life.

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