Making Skin Healthier This Christmas

Making Skin Healthier This Christmas

We've been  dreaming of a Posh Christmas this year, with all the best of the season making their return debut.  We typically spend this season pampering those around us, making time for ourselves can seem like more of a New Year's Resolution.  We have some tips for how to keep yourself feeling your best as well as how to give the gift of healthy, glowing skin.

Don't underestimate the power of a good nights sleep, or even a 20 minute nap.  Most things in life can wait until morning so that we can get a good rest and start fresh. Twenty minutes is the perfect amount of time to nap before round two of gift wrapping or before the evenings festivities begin.

Thankfully among your friends' delicious spread of Christmas goodies they've likely hidden some nutrient rich foods also.  Don't skimp on these.  Your energy will feel drained and stress will pile on.

Stay hydrated, with water.  Strangely enough wine and spirits just don't cut it when it comes to one of the best secrets to glowing skin.  Water reigns when it comes to keeping our skin glowing from the inside out.  Letting ourselves get dehydrated amplifies lines, wrinkles and can be a cause of blemishes.

Be sure to care for your skin by removing your makeup no matter how tired you are after a night of merrymaking. Make sure to keep up your normal skincare routine no matter how hectic you get, your skin will thank you for it.

Take a moment to de-stress.  Breathe in and out. Stress can cause irritated and dehydrated skin and makes Lastly, you guessed it, get a skincare treatment.  Your favourite esthetician can help you get a well deserved time for self care and help you maintain your glow through New Years Eve.

As for gifting skincare, we all have that wonderful friend who is always asking us about our trainer at the gym, who does our massage and definitely asks who does our skin and what skincare products we use.

Yes, you can give someone in your life who has wondered what your skincare tricks are or if they've mentioned to you that they're looking into trying something new.

If you've never talked about skin, let's stick to a nice body lotion and scrub set so that your well intended gift is not taken the wrong way, just to be safe.

Skincare gifts and gift certificates can show your loved ones that you are an amazing listener, and a very good friend.

Our biggest tip is to never give a gift of poor quality skincare. Less than stellar ingredients can start a whole new skincare problem, not exactly the kind of gift you wanted to give.

Gifting skincare is 100 per cent possible and very thoughtful under the right conditions.

Taking care of yourself and those you love never goes out of style.  Let’s all get ready to glow into 2022!