No Hassle  Insurance… Guaranteed.

No Hassle Insurance… Guaranteed.

Greg Marcyniuk has been providing insurance solutions for people and businesses across the province for over 30 years.

“My focus has always been on my clients” Marcyniuk says.

“I will only provide insurance to someone if I’d purchase it myself, or want my mother to have it in place.”

His attention has always been on clear communication and education. “People are not always aware of what insurance is about or what insurance they may actually need, so we want to make sure they are correctly covered, and when a loss does occur, we’re there to help you and your family to recover from that loss as quickly and easily as possible” Marcyniuk adds.

“Best customer service I’ve ever experienced! The stellar team of knowledgeable, friendly staff make purchasing insurance quick and easy.” -Ryan L., SK

Let’s face it. To most people, insurance isn’t the most fascinating topic. However, the proper coverage can mean the difference between you losing everything or not. That is why Heritage Insurance likes to inform and educate their clients about the insurance policies they have. This is not to make our client spend more, but rather to help our clients to maybe spend less…but be BETTER insured. Whether it is through our monthly newsletter, our website (check out our Clickable Coverage), monthly emails or our social media sites, “We can provide information to help stop a loss, such as with theft-prevention strategies, general safety tips, or help explain exactly what a policy covers and who may need it and who may not.”

Elmer and Shelly Truelove of Moose Jaw can attest. “Heritage Insurance keeps us in the know. We don’t have to worry about renewals — they are always on top of it.”

As their trusted insurance supplier, we constantly strive to find ways to make their insurance shopping more convenient. That is why we are constantly introducing new digital ways to serve them better. From an more intuitive website that helps our customers find the information they are looking for faster and easier, to MySGI – which lets you submit a claim, renew your registration, make a payment online or even book a driving test...right from the comfort of your armchair - day or night.

New clients are invited to contact Heritage to discuss their insurance goals with a specialized broker and to get a free ‘No Hassle’ quote. Existing clients who refer Heritage to friends and family receive a $5 gift certificate and are entered into a monthly draw to win a 50-inch flat screen TV or an...your choice. Give us a call today.

Greg Marcyniuk
Agency owner Heritage Insurance
100A Fairford Street, Moose Jaw