Pass the Test

Pass the Test

Optimal Hearing Cares About Your Ears

Good communication is vital to our everyday lives. We have to communicate with our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours, and good hearing is integral to communication. When you experience hearing loss, it affects your ability to communicate with the ones you care about. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

“There are things you can do to make communication easier for people with hearing loss and you,” says Optimal Hearing owner Cristina Carteri. She has advice for those with a loved one who is struggling with hearing loss. First, speaking in a quiet voice won’t work anymore. People with hearing loss won’t hear you. If they don’t hear you the first time, don’t get mad. Just repeat yourself, and there is no need to shout. Don’t dismiss it with a “never mind.” That makes the person feel left out and isolated. Remember that background noise can make it even harder for them to hear you. Don’t cover your mouth when you speak. Seeing your mouth can help them comprehend what you’re saying. “Finally, patience and awareness are key,” says Carteri. “Kindness goes a long way. No one wants hearing loss.”

Regina’s Optimal Hearing can also help you get good communication back into your life. Carteri is a licensed hearing aid practitioner with years of experience helping people improve their hearing and their lives. Her first piece of advice is to get a hearing test, whether you think you have hearing loss or not. “It’s important to set a baseline so we can see where your hearing is currently,” says Carteri. “That way we have something to compare to as you age.” After a hearing test, Carteri can recommend solutions that can help your hearing if you need it. She can fit you for hearing aids that can improve your hearing and ability to communicate in an instant.

You don’t have to struggle with hearing loss anymore. Optimal Hearing offers hearing tests for both private and business clients, hearing aid technology, hearing aid repairs and cleaning, ear cleaning, earplugs and batteries.

Did You Know?

Signs of Hearing Loss

• Speech and sounds seem muffled to you.

• You’re having trouble hearing high pitched sounds.

• You can’t follow conversations in noisy environments.

• You can’t hear speech easily on the phone.

• You ask people to speak more slowly or clearly.

• You ask people to repeat what they said.

• You’re turning up the TV or radio louder than before.

• Your loved ones are noticing that they have to speak louder or repeat themselves when they talk with you.

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