Pretty Patios and Beautiful Balconies

Pretty Patios and Beautiful Balconies

Makeover your outdoor space

Making the most of summer involves having a place outdoors you can enjoy. It needs to be inviting, comfortable and functional. Whether you have a small apartment balcony or a massive yard, you can create a space you’ll love this summer.

Functional furniture

Comfy chairs and a table are a great way to start building your outdoor zone. Consider the amount of room you have, and where you can store the pieces during the colder months. Be sure to pick furnishings that will stand up to our weather and dry out quickly. If you have the room, sofas and loungers can make a space even more relaxing.

Light it up

Your patio or balcony can also use some great lighting. LED string lights and solar garden lights can make the space inviting and cozy on those long summer nights. We also recommend citronella candles for those pesky mosquitoes.

Snug as a bug

For those aforementioned summer nights, a basket of throws and a fire pit (propane-fired or the real deal) can turn an average evening into something special. An outdoor rug also adds style and softness under bare feet.

Al Fresco

Fun Make your space a place to dine as well as hang out. Melamine dishes and glasses are easy to find this time of year and are durable enough to handle a summer outside.

Bring the green

Potted plants bring the garden to you. A few containers, baskets and pots with some simple annuals can create a fresh and friendly feeling to your space. A pretty watering can add style and function, too.

How about a hammock

If you have two trees and the room, a hammock is a fantastic way to create a place to relax. You can spend an afternoon with a good book or take a nap in the summer sun. If you have kids, you won’t believe how much time they can spend hanging out in a hammock and staying out of your hair.

Cover up

A simple sun umbrella can protect you from the hottest hours of the sun, making your patio or balcony usable for longer. Get outside Once your space is ready—big, small or in-between—enjoy it. Our summers are never long enough to make sure you make the most of it.