Priceless Connections

Priceless Connections

“It feels so surreal.”

That comment is made so often after the death of a loved one. People describe the experience of awakening in the morning, and for a brief milli-second feeling “normal”, and then the rush of reality slams their heart, leaving them in the tsunami and surrealness of the truth that their loved one is gone. It is an overwhelming journey through tsunami waves as life reminds us over and again that our loved one is in fact no longer here. The grief journey is a step-by-step process that in this very moment is being journeyed by innumerable individuals and families. It is for this very reason that W.J. Jones & Son Funeral Services offer Grief Support Services. Our Grief Support Groups are our way of offering a “safe space” for people to “gather” (during COVID via ZOOM). In the safety of those who “understand” and “do not judge,”we come together to support each other on a journey that for some has been the hardest journey they have ever been on. Together, participants connect to themselves and their personal grief; to each other in mutual support; and to their beloveds in new ways. These groups have made a profound difference in people’s lives as they process the reality of their loss in a safe and supportive atmosphere; gain coping strategies for the day-to-day challenges; and discern best options for their way forward.

As a part of our Grief Support Services, W.J.Jones & Son Funeral Services host an annual Mourning Star Christmas Service for the Bereaved, offering the Bereaved a serene space to prepare their hearts for the season that more than any other season of the year amplifies the “missing” of a loved one. This year, Mourning Star’s theme will be "Priceless Connections." Through music, memorial ornaments and messages of hope we will gather (honouring COVID protocols) and gift our community with a safe space to “connect” with their heart, to who understand. Through these “Priceless Connections” we hope to offer solace for the Bereaved this Christmas season. 2021 will mark the 24th Annual Mourning Star Christmas Service for the Bereaved and will take place December 2nd at 7pm at our W.J.Jones & Son Chapel 474 Hochelaga St. W., Moose Jaw.

The season of Christmas is so often filled with family traditions, and it is in those traditions that the surrealness of that missing person evades our heart and mind. It is our great hope that if you are experiencing profound loss that you embrace the “priceless connections” that serve your heart well, and offer healing hope. Peace to you this season and always.

Submitted by Della Ferguson on behalf of W.J.Jones & Son Funeral Services

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