We have all been spending a lot more time at home over the past number of months. Many of us have had time to look around our homes fixing flaws and dreaming of updating our kitchen counter tops, shower enclosures, floors to name just a few. Today, people are looking for something unique but functional.

Thanks to PRO Surfaces, you can update your home with flexible concrete known as Elastocrete. Elastocrete is a polymer- based cement. It has the strength and durability of concrete but it is also quite flexible. The added flexibility greatly reduces the chance of your countertop or floor cracking as your house shifts—which is bound to happen with Regina’s famous clay soil. Not only is it flexible, but it will bond to anything— meaning that it is perfect for making creative, show stopping pieces of furniture and art! With Elastocrete, your imagination is the only thing that limits you.

Colours are completely customizable, and you can embed any logo or graphic you would like. While Elastocrete has been used in the United States for sometime, PRO Surfaces is the pleased to offer it to the Saskatchewan market place. “We are proud to offer this product to Regina. We like to call it functional concrete art. This unique product can be used for counter tops, shower enclosures and flooring throughout the home or in mudrooms and entry ways,” says Brisdon Chernick, President of PRO Surfaces.

With homeowners looking for new affordable renovation options, this is one to consider. Elastocrete improves on traditional options like granite, marble, or ceramic. What customers love about Elastocrete is that it is seamless, light weight, anti-microbial, durable and easily repairable. It is also extremely customizable. It can be designed to emulate granite or marble or any other pattern that consumers would like. Some have even added their own custom inlays. If you are looking for design ideas for your home, check out PRO Surfaces website The website’s gallery provides a number photos of projects that will help your creative juices flow. Alternatively, talk to the staff at PRO Surfaces for design ideas.

They’ve Got You Covered

Pro Surfaces specializes in innovative products and services for interior and exterior. Founded by Brisdon Chernick, Pro Surfaces brings products that offer maintenance free peace of mind to Saskatchewan homeowners that will last for decades. “Once I found Flexstone, I understood how offering better solutions gave my our customers more free time to enjoy what is important to them.” This philosophy has helped Pro Surfaces become an industry business leader in Saskatchewan. Flexstone is without a doubt the most durable, seamless, waterproof coating on the market today.

Designed for ski resort decks, it is strong enough to protect your decks, driveways, walkways, garage floors, steps, basements, and even flat roofs from anything you throw at them.

- Seamless

- Durable

- Easy to repair

- Flexible

- Waterproof Flexstone covers all your needs

In 2016, Pro Surfaces expanded into rubber paving. While they were not the first company to offer rubber paving, Pro Surfaces brought their expertise by bringing a new and better type of rubber paving to Saskatchewan, and backing it up with excellent customer service. “We can take your cracked, uneven and ugly driveway and make it look and feel like new again,” says Brisdon. The best thing about rubber paving is that it is designed for our prairie winters.

- Easy snow removal

- Slip resistant

- Impervious to salt

- Resists cracking

Whatever You Need Home renovations can be a daunting task, and you may not know where or how to get started. However, the team at Pro Surfaces are there to help you figure out. They encourage you to bring ideas, pictures, and samples and will help you take it from there. It all starts with a phone call and they’ll help you transform your dreams into reality. Learn more at or call 306.737.2562 for more. You can also follow Pro Surfaces on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter— and they love to see your project photos, too!