Protect The Roof That Protects Your Home

Protect The Roof That Protects Your Home

Extend the life of your roof with Sask Roof Renew

Homeowners spend a lot of money to repair or replace their roof when their asphalt shingles dry up and begin to deteriorate and those costs continue to increase.

There is a way to extend the useful life of your roof AND save you up to 85% of what it would cost to replace it – Roof Rejuvenation!

With roof rejuvenation, you can extend the life of your shingles—for five to 15+ years.  Sask Roof Renew, an exclusive authorized Greener Shingles Dealer, can help you extend the life of your existing roof.

“As asphalt shingles age they start to oxidize and their oils dry up,” says Darrel Treppel, owner at Sask Roof Renew. “When this happens, the shingles start losing the protective granular layer and begin to crack, curl, and ultimately fail.” Until recently, replacing your shingles has been the only option.  “Now,” says Darrel, “there’s a maintenance option that will rejuvenate your shingles and extend the useful life of your roof; plus it has so many other environmental benefits!” 

“The Greener Shingles Rejuvenator, brought to you by Sask Roof Renew, is bio based and dramatically decreases the number of asphalt shingles that end up in the landfill prematurely,” Darrel says.  

“Rejuvenation is wallet friendly because it’s a fraction of the replacement cost and has a dramatic effect on shingle life expectancy. It replaces the mineral oils that are lost through oxidation caused by the sun, weather, and heat over time. It also helps to keep the granular layer in place – where it belongs, making the shingles last longer.”

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It’s easy to learn more or schedule a free roof evaluation. “No matter where you are in the roof lifecycle, we can come out and have a look, and provide the advice you need for your roof - residential or commercial.”

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Signs Your Roof Could Use Help

• Granule loss on shingles

• Brittle or cracked shingles

• Wind-damaged shingles

• Algae stains

• Shingles older than 10 years

The Benefits Of  Roof Rejuvenation

Our plant-based spray completely rejuvenates your roof. Here’s why  this is a good option for your roof:

• Adds five to 15 years to your roof

• Rejuvenating every five years enables a 30-year lifespan

• Improved granular adhesion

• Reduces damage from hail and other weather events

• Restores permeability of shingles

• Environmentally-friendly

• Five-year fully transferable warranty

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