Reaching a milestone

Reaching a milestone

Optimal Hearing Centre celebrates five years

It’s been five years since Cristina Carteri launched Regina’s Optimal Hearing and she is thrilled to celebrate the milestone. “I want to thank everyone we have worked with over the last few years,” says Carteri. “It’s been wonderful to serve Regina and area, and we’re so happy that our clients have chosen to support local business.” A long-time hearing aid practitioner for over 15 years, Carteri is committed to every client she serves. Whether you’re coming in for a screening, hearing aids or any of Optimal’s products or services, she delivers the care and advice you need. 

The best time to check your hearing is right now

Many people never check their hearing until they or their loved ones notice there’s an issue. “Your ears, like your eyes and teeth, need checkups just like eyes and teeth,” says Carteri. “Good hearing is important to your overall health, and if you haven’t had a hearing test, you should.” A hearing test sets a baseline, so that if an issue arises, a hearing expert has something to work from. Optimal Hearing recommends having your hearing screened every two years. Carteri conducts screenings in-office for individuals and businesses and dispenses hearing aids to those who need it. 

The practice also offers hearing protection for people of all ages, whether you need it for work or leisure. “We can provide earplugs for workplace use, for athletes—such as swimmers, and for musicians and concert-goers,” says Carteri.

See Optimal Hearing today

Optimal Hearing is ready to help you and your family with hearing services when you need it. Hearing screenings are easy and painless, and you don’t need a referral. “It’s never too early to have your hearing checked, and it’s so important to your overall health and quality of life,” says Cristina. 

Learn more about what Optimal Hearing can do for you at or call (306) 559.4411. 

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What our clients are saying

“Cristina is professional, personable and works to get the best hearing aid for you. She follows up and ensures you’re happy. I can’t say enough positive about Cristina and my experience at Optimal Hearing!”- Vivianne L