In the novel Emma, Jane Austen wrote, “There is nothing like staying home for real comfort.” 

Although Mrs. Elton, the character who delivered the line, was in effect directing a backhanded compliment to Emma as a homebody, most of us can agree heartily with the sentiment. Especially these days when we are spending more time at home than ever.

As we move into the cooler months, the impulse to create coziness and warmth at home grows, and is one of the many ways we have always honoured home as a place of refuge and relaxation. This year’s fall and winter décor trends make it easy to build a peaceful retreat that reflects your own style.

Perhaps one of the biggest shifts is away from grey on grey everything. Deep blues and shades of forest greens keep the connection to nature and feeling of calm going in interiors. These can be incorporated through wall colours, lower kitchen cupboards or simple décor accents.

Natural hues and materials continue to be a theme although the woods are warming and the lines are softening. Grey is making space for caramel and dark woods that create a sense of welcome.

Curved furniture pieces, such as couches and modular sectionals, are gaining popularity and their finishes vary. Muted saturations of blues, greens or burnt copper can bring richness to a room built on neutrals. Fabrics include boucle wool, tweed and crushed velvet.

Think autumn when it comes to neutrals. Warm tones like caramel, cinnamon, and orange spice are uplifting and inviting to calm. Oatmeal and beige make a return as base colours to build on so you don’t have to make a full commitment by repainting walls. Simply replace some cushions, throws and textile accents.

Texture and natural elements are featured as exposed brick makes a comeback. This is most effective in small doses for interest. Botanicals remain big as prints in wallpaper on feature walls or as accents. Scandinavian style continues through fall and winter but takes a darker turn by incorporating luxurious plums, blues, greens and terracotta shades.

Things stay simple and clean but the tones deepen, really strengthening that feeling of coziness and warmth. Want to make a statement? Don’t be shackled by one or two trends. Eclectic glamour has no rules or restrictions. Let your home be a reflection of yourself by pulling together elements of different styles, textures and eras.

Gone are the days of rooms being dedicated to a single purpose. Working from home, remote learning and home schooling mean that the same living spaces are being used for movie-watching, video conference calls and work. Furniture and organizational pieces are starting to reflect these multi-functional needs in a way that helps us to switch back and forth without overwhelming our spaces with clutter.

However you choose to bring these trends into your home this season, remember Mrs. Elton and focus on making your space one of comfort and contentment.