Renovating?   Or building a  new home?

Renovating? Or building a new home?

We work with your builder and designer to help meet your goals of energy efficiency and compliance. 

We are a Saskatchewan owned company here to help you navigate how to improve your home's efficiency and save money while you do it. Go to our website to find out about the Greener Homes Grant and other incentives. Our Energy Advisors are certified with Natural Resources Canada and are the best trained in Saskatchewan, servicing ALL of Saskatchewan. They were experts in their fields before joining NRG Inspections. We are

a 3rd party company who are not there to sell you anything, only to give you information to build on. Book your evaluation at before you begin your renovations!

What can I expect during my energy evaluation? One of our NRCan licensed Energy Advisors

(EA’s) will visit your home to collect the necessary data and measurements to provide you with a comprehensive report containing an EnerGuide Label, a Homeowner Information Sheet and Renovation Upgrade Report for your home. During the evaluation, the EA will conduct a Blower Door Test (BDT). The BDT puts your home into

a negative pressure state to test for air leakage points. The EA will also gather information about your heating, cooling, ventilation and insulation levels. A thermal imaging walk-through may also be conducted to detect anomalies. They will take measurements of your home’s exterior, foundation, windows and doors in order to model your home. The Homeowner Information Sheet will show you an accurate estimation of energy consumption and air tightness of your home. The Renovation Upgrade Report will show you potential savings, proving you with information to build on.

EnerGuide Home Evaluations

Net Zero. Residential. Green. We are a family-owned 100% Saskatchewan business servicing ALL of Saskatchewan. Our fully trained and certified energy advisors will give you information to build on prior to your renovations.

Eligible grants and incentives for you home! Check out our website
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