Save Your Ears

Save Your Ears

Optimal Hearing can help you protect your hearing

Noise. It’s something we deal with every day—it’s everywhere. You can find it at work or at home or doing some of your favourite activities. Many of us don’t think about noise and the impact on our hearing, but now is the time to start. Whether you work in a noisy environment, enjoy listening to or playing music, or have a hobby that uses noisy equipment, you need to think about your ears. “Noise protection is essential when doing so many things you might not even think about,” says Cristina Carteri, owner at Optimal Hearing. “Cutting the grass, using power tools, shooting at the range, riding an ATV, playing with your garage band, going to concerts…these are all activities that should include noise protection.”


Did You Know?

·         The three smallest bones in your body are in your ear, and they transmit the sound waves to the inner ear.

·         The normal human ear can distinguish between 400,000 different sounds.

·         Deterioration of hearing is usually a gradual process and it can happen so slow that the individual may not be aware of it.

Luckily, there is a place you can go for affordable, custom noise protection—Optimal Hearing at the Southland Mall. Carteri, a licensed hearing aid practitioner, can set you up with ear plugs that you can use for years. “Custom ear plugs can protect your hearing while you enjoy your favourite activities. Best of all, they’re easy to get,” says Carteri. “Simply schedule a 15-minute appointment to get your ears molded, and about two weeks later they are ready for you.” Ear plugs can last 10 years or more, and the only time you’ll need to replace them sooner is if you gain or lose weight. Ear protection is also important for active swimmers and those with chronic ear infections. “Ear infections can be a painful part of life, and proper ear protection can help prevent them,” says Carteri. “Properly-fitted, ear plugs are a great way to avoid infection.”

It’s also important to check your hearing like you would your sight. You don’t have to suffer with poor hearing, and Optimal Hearing offers solutions to both protect and assist your hearing. “Hearing loss is hard to deal with. It’s difficult to communicate for both the person with the loss, and those around them,” says Carteri. “We can help you deal with your hearing loss and improve your communication with your family, friends and colleagues.”

Whether you need protection from noise or a hearing test, Optimal Hearing offers the services and advice you need. See them at the Southland Mall from 8:45 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday.

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