Say Hello to the New You

Say Hello to the New You

Change doesn’t have to be hard

As we take the first tentative steps into what we all really want to be a better year, are you thinking about making some changes in your life? Whether you’re thinking about changing up your inside or outside, there has never been a better time for change than right now.

No more bad hair days

Are you still rocking a look that you’ve had since forever? Is it time for a new style or colour? If you’re thinking about mixing it up, do a little planning beforehand.

Look up the salons and stylists you’re thinking about trying and read the reviews. Get a sense of their areas of expertise and whether they can do what you’re contemplating. Then, before anyone gets out the scissors, book a consultation to talk about what you want. Sit down with the stylist and bring along photos of styles you’re considering. There are many factors to consider when choosing a style: your face shape, the time needed to ‘do’ the ‘do, what products you might need, and how easy or hard the style can be to maintain. Work together to find something you’ll love and that you can keep up.

Kiss and make-up

Changing up your make-up or skin care routine can also create a ‘new you’ and even help your skin. Like with hairstyles, the best thing is to talk to a professional at the start of your journey. There are so many choices in cosmetics and skin care that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Plus, your skin type, tone and age play a major role in what will work for a great new look. Book a consultation with a makeup or skin care professional and tell them what you’re hoping to achieve. Are you concerned about blemishes, uneven skin colour, or aging? Do you have sensitive skin? Are you a wizard with a make-up wand or do you need something that works in less than 10 minutes? One session with a professional can really narrow your choices and set yourself up for long-term success.

Get fit, feel good

If you’re still staring at the extra pounds the holidays and the pandemic put on, you’re not alone. Fitness can be one of the hardest things to start and stick to. If you’re ready to get off the couch and move your body, be realistic in your goals. Long-term physical fitness takes time and patience. There are no shortcuts to getting fit and realizing that is the first step to success. Think about what physical activities you enjoy doing and start incorporating them into your life. Do you like walking around the neighbourhood to get some fresh air and sunshine? Instead of doing it ‘whenever’, make it a habit. Set aside 30 minutes several times a week to just move. Once you establish that habit, then think about what else you can do to ‘do more.’ Many gyms and fitness classes let you try before you buy. Test out the options and find out what you like and then do more of it. Plus, there are plenty of fitness experts that will gladly help you set goals and get you on the right track for success.

No more junk

We all know that we should eat better in a world full of temptations. It’s so hard to say no to French fries, ice cream, potato chips, cookies and the plethora of other delicious but not-so-healthy treats. The trick is balance. Like fitness, eating right takes time to build the good habit. Meal planning and list making are the first step in making better food choices. Instead of eating on the fly, plan your meals and shop accordingly. Make sure your cart has lean meat, leafy greens and whole grains. Simple changes like grilling chicken instead of frying, eating more vegetables, and replacing white bread with whole grain can do a lot without much effort. When eating out or getting takeout, take a closer look at what you’re ordering. Instead of going for the greasy goodies all the time, try new choices. You’ll be surprised at what is out there besides pizza and burgers. Oscar Wilde once said, “everything in moderation, even moderation.” Feel free to build in ‘cheat days’ so you can still enjoy the things you love.

Take the first step

No matter what change you’re considering, you won’t get anywhere unless you do something. The first step is often the hardest, but once you get going, the only question you’ll ask is why you didn’t do it sooner. A new you isn’t far away!