Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, Trips and Falls

Wet floors, spills, excess clutter and cold weather can mean disaster for everyone. Injuries caused by slips, trips and falls range from sprained or strained muscles and joints, to broken bones and head injury. 

There are several precautions you should take to ensure you and your families safety at home and the safety of your co-workers and customers at work.

• Keep floors clean and dry at all times. Wet floors present a slip hazard and can promote the growth of infection-causing microbes like mould, fungi and bacteria.

• Remove all objects and clutter from aisles, exits and passageways.

• In the event of a grease or oil spill, clean up immediately.

• Use floor or ceiling electrical plugs for power to avoid running a cord down a long hallway.

• Display warning signs to alert others of a wet floor.

• Use floor mats while surfaces are drying after cleaning to provide traction.

• In areas prone to slipping (toilet and shower areas), use a no-skid wax product to clean.

• Keep an eye out for uneven floors, and fix them immediately.

Winter months present additional hazards that are typically not factors during warmer weather. 

• Wear proper footwear that provides traction on snow and ice. 

• Exercise caution when entering and exiting vehicles.

• If you notice that a walkway is covered in ice, walk on the grass next to the sidewalk, which will have more traction.

• Avoid inclines that are typically difficult to walk up or down, as they may be more treacherous in winter conditions.

• Take small steps to maintain your centre of balance, walk slowly and never run.

Despite the cold temperatures, avoid putting your hands in your pockets. This will help you better maintain your balance and allow you to break a fall should you slip.

• Use handrails, walls or anything stationary to assist in steadying your feet.

• Look ahead to the path in front of you to avoid hazards.

• Test a potentially slippery area before stepping on.

• Remove debris, water, snow and ice from all walkways.

• Sand or salt icy surfaces to provide traction.

• At work, report trip and fall hazards immediately to your supervisor.

If You Begin to Slip...

• Try to relax your body and roll backward to avoid falling forward and injuring your face

• If you are carrying a load, throw it off to the side so it does not land on you when you fall. This will also free your arms to help break your fall.

At home or work, trips and falls can create serious liability concerns. Should someone injure themselves on your property, you could be held liable for medical costs as well as any other damages, particularly if you didn’t take the appropriate precautions to adequately protect yourself from such liability concerns, consider talking to us about Liability or Umbrella Insurance which can help protect you, your family and your business all year round.

As always, having the correct insurance in place can help protect you and your home over this Winter season. Give us a call and talk to one of our insurance experts to find out more or to review your insurance program.  

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