Spring Cleaning tips to prevent costly insurance claims.

Spring Cleaning tips to prevent costly insurance claims.

While it may not be your favorite activity, Spring cleaning has plenty of benefits. In fact, these 8 spring cleaning tips will help save you money and prevent expensive home insurance claims.

1. Check Kitchen and Bathroom Caulk

Take some time to investigate the kitchen and bathroom in your home. Caulk can deteriorate over time and cracks can quickly lead to leaks. By re-caulking when necessary, you can prevent costly water damage claims.

2. Clean out the Dryer Lint Hose

Lint can easily clog the hose on your dryer, even if you meticulously clean it from the lint trap. This buildup can make your dryer less effective, and it raises the risk of a household fire. 

3. Sewer back-Up

The most common causes of sewer back-up are heavy rain and excess snow melt. Not only does sewer back-up cause a great deal of mess, it can bring additional problems such as: mould and bacteria.  Maintain your yard from debris (trash, branches, leaves, etc) so that water can drain effectively off your property and ensure that downsprouts are 6-8 ft from the house and do not drain directly into the basement sewer. To prevent blockage in the sewer, clean all your drains of toothpaste, hair and debris. Plunging, snaking, and hot water can help open those drains up.

4. Replace Air Filters

Through the winter, your heating system has been actively circulating warmth for your house. Before you rely on it to produce cool air all summer, look over its air filters and swap dirty ones out. 

5. Inspect Weather Stripping on Windows and Doors

Frigid temperatures can wear on the weather stripping of window and door frames, loosening its hold and weaken the seal. Assess your weather stripping for signs of decline, and switch out the old stripping with resilient new material.

6. Clear out Gutters

Clogged gutters and downspouts can impair the exterior of your house. Water spots and foundational damages are a few of the potential issues that come from untended gutters. Empty your gutters and dispose of the collection of leaves and gunk.

7. Look Over the Roof and Siding

While you’re cleaning your gutters, appraise the outside of your house for damages. If you spot areas of sagging or any missing shingles, contact a professional repair service.

8. Repair the Driveway and Sidewalks

An uneven walking area can be a tripping hazard on your property. Investigate for developing cracks and holes in your sidewalk, and patch up these spots to bypass accidents. 

BONUS TIP: Make sure your insurance is up-to-date

Spring is a good time to make sure your insurance is in good shape. We offer coverages to protect your home, yard and family…including important add-ons such as water and sewer damage, service line damage, major appliance failure and more.

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