Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

Spring 2022 is finally here and we’ve made it through another Saskatchewan winter, and that deserves a high five! Spring typically means all things fresh and new so let's chat about some skincare trends for this coming year as well as a few things to ditch.

Blue light protection of a physical uv/ environmental protectant is key. Whether we are working from home or the office or somewhere in between our faces are subject to blue light damage from all of our devices and the damaging UV rays that come in through our office or home windows as easily as through our car sunroof or windshield. The UVA rays pass easily through causing damage even on cold, rainy or snowy days. Our skin requires protection or it will be prone to breakdown in the form of pimples or lines, and damage resulting in dull, damaged skin.

There's been a lot of talk over the last few years about medical grade skincare, which is a term that is recognized by neither the FDA nor the Canadian food and drug administration. These products do not go through any extra or rigorous testing above what any other skin care does. Fact. The main benefit in purchasing products that are not mass produced and sold literally at the same place that you can purchase bathroom tissue is that both “medical” and “professional” have better quality ingredients and targeted and specialized formulations than drug or department store products. This being said, the use of medical grade cosmetics is no guarantee of better skin, nor does it mean that you are using the strongest or the best available on the market. Developing a relationship with your skincare providers at your local skincare studio or med spa is key. They have an intimate knowledge of the ingredients in the skincare lines that they professionally trust and take the time to get to know you and your skin care needs. The professionals can guide you through the changing needs of your skin. Proper care of our skin is a journey, not a one and done miracle cream or treatment.

Let’s build a stronger skin barrier. Enough of being over cleansed, over exfoliated, over sunned, with an over use of retinoids or acids. While a little can be wonderful, overuse will inevitably break down our skin's barrier function leading to weaker skin. When our skin is weakened it is prone to breakdown leading to inflammation, acne, premature aging and loss of glow. Anti inflammatory skincare is key. Inflammation leads to acne and early aging. This year is the year to commit to allowing your skin to rebuild itself. Our skin is smart and this is totally possible if we give it what it needs to do its job. Top product types are serums and ceramides, don't be afraid of a healthy dose of moisturizer and facial oils.

Acne acceptance. Acne is merely a symptom of an imbalance in our system. Acne is not caused by being unclean. Nor does it mean that the person who is experiencing acne isn't doing anything about it or that they just don't care. Acne can happen to anyone at any age. Be kind.

Let's get back to formulations, not ingredients. Appropriate usage of active ingredients is key and what we see everyday in our studio is clients presenting with sensitized skin after purchasing single ingredients and trying to formulate them at home on their own. We have seen a growing number of companies offering ingredients such as various acids at a very low price point. The key for us to remember is that these are ingredients, not formulations. This leads to consumers buying individually packaged ingredients and formulating them at home on our own when it typically takes teams of scientists months to properly formulate an effective, stable skincare product.

No more matte skin. Fresh looking skin is the goal for 2022 and I can say that I personally hope for all years to come. Matte looking skin has created this false belief that if your skin isn't ‘dry to the touch’ that it is ‘greasy’ or ‘oily’. Healthy, strong skin is moisturized and looks dewey. This moisture is what keeps it strong and resistant to breakdown and breakouts. Only dewy feeling skin can truly glow. While beauty trends come and go one thing is for sure, skin is in more than ever before, so we hope that you enjoyed our top thoughts for getting and keeping your skin in tip top health with an insane glow factor.

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