Spring is finally here!

Spring is finally here!

(and what a long, crazy winter that was!)

We are finally ready to enjoy the warm Saskatchewan spring and summer. All winter long, we think about the renovations and plan for the upgrades to our homes, but we often neglect the attic.

As we modify and change the way our homes function, there is a downside. Rarely do people talk about the negative affects of making changes to our homes. What’s wrong with new windows, new outside insulation,housewrap,covering up the old plywood soffits with new aluminum, getting rid of the old clunker furnace and replacing it with a new high-efficiency model? It’s not so much that those things are bad—it’s the effect they have on the rest of the home.

When a house is built, it is built to the standard of the day, meaning that building code from the past may be different than it is today. What used to work perfectly fine, is now challenged to keep up with the new building envelope. Often people will change their windows and then complain that they’re now getting water on their windows. Or, they dress up the exterior of the home with new insulation and siding, only to find that they’ve now got condensate forming on the ceiling.

There is so much involved in a properly functioning building—ideally everything needs to work together. The best plan is to have a coordinated approach to our renovations. When the project includes the Attic Experts, the ability for the attic to function correctly with the home, becomes paramount.

Our trained staff will use the newest technology and the state-of-the-art process and procedures to make sure that everything functions in unison.

We will do research on your home, and then provide a site visit. This comprehensive inspection will include thermal imagery, and a full report documenting and reviewing all of the recommendations. This service is provided on-site. To schedule your assessment contact the office and book the appointment 306-205-7366.