Take Care of Every Part

Take Care of Every Part

Optimal Hearing Can Help Protect Your Hearing

Good hearing is so important to your overall quality of life, but its care is something we often neglect. Cristina Carteri, owner at Optimal Hearing, wants you to have healthy ears that hear well. Carteri is committed to caring for every client from the first contact with her and her practice.

“I have been a Hearing Air Practitioner for more than fifteen years,” says Carteri. “I began my own practice four years ago, and I love every minute of it.” Whether you’re coming in for a hearing test, hearing aids or any of Optimal Hearing’s products or services, Carteri delivers the care and advice you need. 

Optimal Hearing is committed to helping people of all ages care for their hearing. Unfortunately, many people never check their hearing until they—or their loved ones—note a problem. Like eyes and teeth, ears need regular checkups. Good hearing is essential to your overall health, and if you haven’t had a hearing test, you should. “The best time to check your hearing is right now,” says Carteri. “Establishing a baseline on your hearing is important. If issues arise, a hearing expert has something to work from.” She recommends having your hearing tested every two years. 

Optimal Hearing is ready to help you and the ones you love with hearing services. Hearing tests are simple, and you don’t need a referral. “It’s never too early to have your hearing checked, and it’s so important to your health and quality of life,” says Carteri. 

Optimal Hearing Centre offers:

• Hearing tests for private and business clients

• Hearing aid technology

• Hearing aid repairs and cleaning 

• Custom Earplugs 

• Batteries

• Ear Cleaning

Caring for Your Hearing

• Nothing smaller than your elbow should enter your ear, and that includes cotton swabs.

• Always wear ear protection in loud environments.

• Limit your time in noisy places

• See a health professional if you experience a sudden change in hearing, ringing (tinnitus) or dizziness (vertigo).

Learn more about what Optimal Hearing can do for you at optimalhearing.ca or call 306.559.4411 for more information.

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